Sisley Pinceau Fond de Teint Fluide

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Sisley Pinceau Fond de Teint Fluide

O pincel Fond de Teint Fluide permite uniformizar e aperfeiçoar a tez. Os seus pelos sintéticos ultrassuaves oferecem uma afinidade perfeita com a textura da base liquida. A maquilhagem fica perfeitamente espalhada, a tez é uniformizada.

Os resultados

Uma aplicação fácil e rápida em todo o rosto. Uma maquilhagem perfeitamente espalhada e uniforme.

A Sisley é uma empresa francesa que cria e distribui perfumes e produtos para a pele e maquilhagem de altíssima qualidade. Apresentamos-lhe o know-how e os valores desta rigorosa e exigente Maison, que se tornou ao longo de três décadas um dos nomes mais prestigiados do mundo da beleza e um dos líderes em cosmética de gama alta.

Valores da marca Sisley

Designer visionário e empreendedor ousado, Hubert d'Ornano lidera a marca Sisley há mais de trinta anos, defendendo seus três valores fundamentais: inovação, qualidade e empreendedorismo. Criatividade, elevados padrões, rigor e atenção aos detalhes no desenvolvimento de cada novo produto: os criadores da Sisley empenham-se em oferecer produtos com a maior eficiência e a melhor tolerância. O sucesso da Sisley assenta acima de tudo na qualidade dos seus produtos e num conceito simples: oferecer um verdadeiro método de tratamento de acordo com cada tipo de pele.

A marca Sisley à frente de seu tempo

Já em 1976, quando a aromaterapia e a fitoterapia ainda não eram conhecidas na Europa, Hubert d'Ornano, criador da marca, mediu a riqueza do mundo vegetal e decidiu se especializar em fito-cosmetologia. Um método, no coração de pesquisa da Sisley, que consiste na utilização de extratos naturais de plantas em produtos de beleza e que exige um verdadeiro know-how no conhecimento das plantas, das suas composições e dos seus princípios ativos.

Os perfumes da Sisley

Desde a criação da casa Sisley Paris em 1976 pelo casal Ornano, era natural para eles oferecerem uma primeira fragrância mista que realçaria o seu amor pela natureza e pelas matérias-primas de origem natural.

Composta pelo jovem perfumista Jean-Claude Ellena, Eau de Campagne irá, portanto, destacar notas de topo cítricas e verdes casadas com um coração de delicadas flores e folhas de tomate. Esta primeira criação da Sisley terá um grande impacto e ainda seduzirá os amantes de um estilo natural e country chic em perfumes masculinos e femininos.

A partir daí, o casal avançará para a criação específica de eau de parfum para mulheres, propondo a sensual e tão feminina Eau du soir ou ainda o poético e florido-frutado Soir de lune em 2006. Finalmente, em 2009, Sisley oferecerá um Coleção muito original que combina os prazeres da água floral com a força das notas chipre que se adaptam em três frascos para escolher conforme o dia passa e os desejos da mulher.


Makeup Brushes: Which Ones to Use?

Makeup brushes allow for a more flawless application. Therefore, it's crucial to invest in a complete set of makeup brushes, including brushes for foundation, blush, powder, lips, and eyes. All that's left is to use them like a pro.

Makeup brushes are our best allies for achieving success. Thanks to the brush, applying makeup is easier, with a cleaner and more natural appearance than when applied with fingers.

Each makeup area has its own brush.
There are brushes for all types of makeup and for every area of the face: face makeup, lip makeup, eye makeup.
The ideal way to simplify your life: invest in a set of makeup brushes that contains all the essential brushes, from the compact foundation brush to the lip brush.

Makeup Brush Cleaning, an Essential Gesture
To avoid stains, it's essential to regularly clean the makeup brush to get rid of impurities and bacteria. You can simply use a bit of soap and clean water or opt for a recommended product offered by some brands.

Essential Brushes to Have in Your Makeup Bag
All the advice on how to choose the essential brushes to put in your makeup bag.

Which makeup brush is right for my skin?
Makeup brushes are essential for achieving a flawless result. Using the right brushes also means using less product. Here are some tips for choosing the right brush.
Which makeup brush for my eyes?
The choice of a makeup brush for the eyes can be intimidating, especially when makeup is applied rarely or for the first time. Here is a list of the main brushes for the eyes to have the ideal kit to take anywhere.
Which makeup brush for my lips?
At first glance, lip brushes may seem unimportant, but they are much more useful than you think. Once their benefits are discovered, you won't be able to do without them.
What you should know about the kabuki brush
Applying foundation is not easy, and disasters can occur. The problem usually lies in choosing the right brush. Then comes the kabuki brush, promising radiant skin and zero flaws in a single gesture.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

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How to Create the Perfect Makeup Bag?

It's challenging to separate the essential from the superfluous in the makeup department. Discover everything you need to keep in your makeup bag for touch-ups, day or night.


A complexion base (or primer) to apply after the daytime moisturizer and before the foundation. This smoothens and blurs facial imperfections and enhances the foundation's staying power. There are bases for all needs: fixing for makeup setting, illuminating for a radiant complexion, mattifying for combination to oily skin, concealer for camouflaging minor redness...
A foundation to even out the complexion. Whether you prefer liquid, compact, stick, cushion... it doesn't matter, always choose the same color as your skin tone. Apply not necessarily all over the face but only in certain areas to harmonize the complexion.
A concealer to camouflage bags, dark circles, and soften the eye area. Choose according to your skin type: a rather fluid texture for normal skin and a more compact one for dry skin, for example. It should be at least 1 shade lighter than the foundation.
A corrector to eliminate small skin defects like redness, spots, or small blood vessels. Apply with light touches on the affected areas. The choice of the right product relies on its color pigments: green conceals redness, orange conceals blue of dark circles, purple conceals yellowish imperfections.
A loose powder to mattify the complexion and set the makeup all day long. Apply in very small quantities, not all over the face but in certain areas, especially the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin).
Bronzer for a healthy glow in 3 minutes! Choose a quite matte one, without glitter or pearlescent, and apply with a moderate brush on rounded areas of the face (forehead, nose, cheekbones) where the sun naturally tans us first.
A blush, to add a touch of color to the face. Quite pink for fair skin and orange for darker skin. Apply in small strokes on the cheekbones, starting from the apple of the cheek and extending outward. Avoid exaggeration to prevent the 80s makeup effect.


A neutral eyelid primer for better application of eyeshadow, eyeliner, or kohl pencil with longer-lasting fixation. Particularly useful to avoid panda eyes during the day.
An eyeshadow palette to use the colors as desired. You don't need hundreds of different shades; a dozen will do the job very well. The idea is to be able to adjust the eyelid color according to the desired makeup (day or night, for example).
Eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes. Don't hesitate to practice repeatedly in front of the mirror to get the line perfectly aligned with the upper lashes.
A kohl pencil, easier to handle than eyeliner, to apply on the inner side of the eyes, under the lower lashes, or at the root of the upper lashes on the eyelid.
Waterproof mascara to enhance eyelash volume. If there was only one makeup accessory to keep for eye makeup, it would be this. Apply at the end to enlarge and deepen the eyes.


A moisturizer to nourish lips that tend to dry quickly. Apply a layer always before lipstick.
A nude lipstick to enhance the lip color. Its great advantage: it adapts to all looks and all occasions. And since there is not only one nude shade, everyone needs to find theirs.
A colored lipstick to give a highlight and color to your makeup. In terms of color, brunettes can wear absolutely everything, while blondes should avoid very cool or dark tones. And if you're not comfortable with traditional lipstick, you can easily resort to other rouge textures.


A brush to tame eyebrows. If they are already naturally filled, you may not necessarily need to apply makeup, a few touch-ups to give a beautiful shape may be enough.
Colored gel or pencil to easily fill in gaps in eyebrows. The colored gel is ultra-flexible and can be used with an angled brush to better replicate eyebrow hair.
A fixing mascara to keep eyebrows in place all day.

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