Facial Care

4 Tips for Men's Facial Skin

1- Cleanse Your Face Daily with a Suitable Product for Your Skin Type
Men's skincare is essential, so take advantage of it! Opt for at least one nightly cleansing to eliminate impurities and accumulated pollution throughout the day. If time allows, do it in the morning as well to remove overnight impurities and excess sebum. Cleanse your skin with a foaming gel or cleansing lotion. A facial cleansing gel gently removes impurities and excess sebum, improving microcirculation and reducing irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin reactive to external aggressions.

2- Apply an Age-Appropriate and Skin-Suitable Moisturizing Treatment
Before 30, prioritize moisturizing to prevent skin dehydration. Choose:

  • Matifying treatment for normal or oily skin
  • Treatment for sensitive skin
  • Treatment combating dehydration for dry skin
Between 30 and 40, consider an anti-aging moisturizing cream. After 40, opt for treatments that repair and restructure the skin, addressing signs of aging effectively.

3 - In the Morning, Apply Shaving Foam or Gel According to Your Beard
Use a refreshing wipe or go directly for shaving foam containing active cleaning ingredients. Choose foam that protects the skin from irritations and razor burns for a smooth shave. If you want to style your beard, use a transparent texture for precise shaving.

4- Once or Twice a Week, Apply Exfoliant and a Mask After Cleansing Gel
Before 30, consider a thorough cleansing to restore radiance. Once (for dry skin) or twice (for oily skin) a week, apply an exfoliant after or in place of the cleansing gel. Exfoliation refines the skin and gently removes dead cells, facilitating cream penetration. Follow with a mask that absorbs excess sebum while nourishing and hydrating the skin. After 30, start applying specific anti-wrinkle care once or twice a week. Begin with exfoliation and follow with a revitalizing mask for a smoother and radiant appearance.

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