Hair Removal

Hair Removal

All About Hair Removal

Sometimes it's challenging to know which hair removal method to choose. We'll help you find the ideal path for you!

There are several ways to get rid of hair if you want to embark on a crusade against it. Depending on whether you're sensitive to pain, blonde or brunette, and whether you regularly remove hair or not, we present the hair removal methods you can turn to for smooth legs.

How to Remove Hair If You're Afraid of Pain?

Hair removal remains a quick and effective method to get rid of hair. To avoid tetanus, you should avoid picking the first razor in the shower that has had time to rust.

Now there are razors with large moisturizing strips that will make the job much easier. If you're skilled, short on time, and don't mind quick regrowth, the razor is for you!
Who has never cut themselves in the shower and rushed to stop the bleeding?

Depilatory cream is a painless solution that eradicates surface hair. This method is known to be quite aggressive and, therefore, not recommended for sensitive skin. However, if you're afraid of more invasive techniques like waxing, depilatory cream can be the solution. This method is more convincing for fine hair.
So, to recap: if you have non-sensitive skin, fine hair, and the skin is not injured (no wounds or mucous membranes nearby), you can use this solution for leg or arm hair removal. Depilatory cream should be avoided on the face and is a risky option for the bikini line.

The epilation disk is a quite unusual method, consisting of an abrasive disk that removes hair by making gentle circular movements.

Clearly, we are addressing those with light to medium hair, as the process may take a while to remove all the hair from, for example, half the leg. This painless method may be suitable for legs and arms.

How to Remove Hair to Stay Hair-Free for a While?

Hot/cold wax is an alternative method that offers about a 3-week interval before new growth appears. Hot wax is more suitable for skilled individuals because you can quickly get it anywhere. Beware of burns.
It remains an extremely effective method as, under the influence of heat, pores expand, facilitating hair extraction.
Cold wax works on the same principle, although it is more practical as it requires little equipment (once the cold wax strip kit has been purchased). It is also practical to carry (if you want to depilate on vacation or when not at home) and is suitable for sensitive areas such as armpits or the bikini line.
The electric epilator is the second favorite hair removal method behind manual razors. Although a device represents a certain investment in the purchase, it can be quickly rewarded if you spend money on blades and gel.
There have been improvements in this area: now many devices can be used underwater, which makes epilation much easier (the skin tends to soften). Using an epilator no longer seems like a torture session, on the contrary. Depending on your personal sensitivity, it can be used on all parts of the body (legs, armpits, bikini line).

Pulsed light is a method now available at home. It involves sending a light pulse to the hair root, which will be absorbed by melanin (which gives the hair its black color). The goal is to turn the light into heat to eliminate the hair at the root. This method is relatively expensive (devices range from €100 to €300) and has many contraindications. To mention only the main ones: pulsed light does not work on white hair (if you're blonde, we don't suggest it), tanned or dark skin due to pigmentation (even if it's self-tanner), and is strongly discouraged for pregnant women, people with diabetes, or epilepsy (among others).
If you want to use this method, I recommend researching thoroughly before starting!
How to depilate your face?
If you want to get rid of facial hair, there are several solutions similar to those for the body: cold wax strips in the appropriate format, an electric epilator for the face (for the mustache, between the eyebrows, etc.), or another good old pair of tweezers that will also do the trick for touch-ups.

What Products Should I Use to Avoid Ingrown Hairs?

If you're having trouble getting rid of ingrown hairs, you can achieve it with a good scrub with grains. There are creams that contain AHAs (fruit acids) that free the epidermis from dead skin, helping the hair come out more easily.

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