Anti-Aging Cream: What is a Lifting Cream?

Lifting facial creams are part of anti-aging facial care. They are intended for individuals who wish to address sagging skin on the face and neck. Their role? Combat sagging by restoring the firmness of the skin with a lifting effect.

Daily facial treatments, to be used as day and/or night cream. The daytime lifting cream has a firming action on the skin, with regular application. Used in daily care, it is ideal for moisturizing and firming the skin during the day, before applying makeup or any other targeted care (eye contour care, for example).

Loss of Firmness: Skin Sagging

As we age, several phenomena occur in the skin: it becomes thinner, weakens, and dehydrates. In the dermis, collagen and elastin fibers gradually change and lose their properties. Similarly, the skin loses the essential amount of hyaluronic acid. Consequence: wrinkles and fine lines appear, tone is lost, and the skin loses elasticity and firmness.
For every issue, there is a suitable anti-aging facial treatment containing targeted active ingredients to meet the skin's different needs while moisturizing it daily.
Sagging skin occurs gradually over the years, starting at skin maturity. It is accentuated by excessive sun exposure. The skin on the body, especially the face, loses its tone. Although universal, this phenomenon depends on biological factors but also our lifestyle. Indeed, the skin is highly influenced by external factors: diet, tobacco, alcohol, sleep, sun exposure. Combating skin sagging involves adopting a healthy lifestyle, but also through the action of dedicated facial care, such as a lifting cream. Skin sagging is a complex phenomenon, mainly characterized by a change in elastic fibers (elastin and collagen), a slowdown in production by the skin, and a preferential destruction of new fibers compared to old ones. However, collagens are fibers that strengthen the connective tissue of the skin, and elastin fibers are those that ensure its flexibility and elasticity—they are essential for the firmness and tone of the skin. A lifting cream, if it contains the right active ingredients in the right dose, can be used at the first signs of loss of firmness.

The lifting effect creams help combat the phenomenon of skin sagging, mainly because their active ingredients stimulate the production of different types of collagen in the skin.

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