Children's cleaning

Children's cleaning

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bath

After the baby is born, it's not always easy for parents to feel comfortable with bath time. Below are the answers to questions to make your baby's bath a moment of exchange, relaxation, and pleasure.

Is Daily Bath Essential?

Bath time is an important part of the day for your baby. Often, it's a special moment with the father or mother, a time of calm, tactile, and olfactory discoveries. It's an opportunity to explore new sensations necessary for their sensory development. From a hygiene perspective, daily bathing removes all traces of perspiration or regurgitation. However, sometimes the doctor may recommend not washing your baby every day, especially if they have dry skin.

How Long Can You Leave a Baby in Bathwater?

In the first few weeks, the baby should only be left in the water for a few minutes. They get cold very quickly. Some babies love water contact, others less, and this should be taken into account when deciding whether to extend the bath or not. You can also distract them with suitable toys that go into the water.

Can You Add a Few Drops of Oil to Bathwater?

You can add a bit of oil to the water, but be careful; you should not use essential oils on children under 5 years old. On the other hand, there are plenty of specific care oils for babies that require rinsing or not. They are often used for babies with dry skin. The oil has a lipid-replenishing effect and prevents the drying effects of hard water.

Which Product to Choose to Care for the Baby?

Use non-aggressive, soap-free personal hygiene products formulated specifically for the skin of young children. They clean while protecting the epidermis from frequently hard water. Marseille soap, for example, should be avoided because its alkaline pH makes it aggressive to the skin and risks damaging the hydrolipidic barrier. From birth to about 7 months, a body and hair wash gel is sufficient, either alone or in combination with a foam shampoo. Once their hair thickens, you can combine body washing with a mild baby shampoo.

My Baby Cries the Whole Time I Undress Him. How to Calm Him?

Babies don't like to be handled too much, especially when they need to be undressed. To calm him during bath time, the bathroom should be at a good temperature (between 20 and 22°C) so that it's not cold. It also needs to be well organized: have all your belongings at hand to be fully available and be faster. Then reassure him by talking to him calmly. When he's old enough to grasp small objects, give him a little plastic duck, for example, to play with in the bath.

Should I Wash the Baby's Hair Every Day?

At birth, the scalp is sensitive: the newborn sweats a lot from the head, and sebaceous secretions can cause the formation of milk crusts. Daily shampoo with a specific baby product removes all traces of perspiration, especially in the first six months. In older children, fine and delicate hair does not require the same care. If the baby is not playing in the sandbox, they can wash their hair every two or three days with a mild shampoo.

Should I Use a Cloth to Soap the Baby?

Wipes tend to be breeding grounds for bacteria. Their use is strongly discouraged on irritated or atopic skin as there is an increased risk of allergen penetration. On normal skin, you can use a glove, changing it with each bath. But the best formula remains bathing directly with hands, making sure to clean them well beforehand! This way, you can warm personal hygiene products between your palms before applying them to babies.

How to Dry the Baby Carefully?

Do not rub, as this can heat or irritate their fragile skin. To remove all traces of moisture, gentle pressure can be applied with a soft towel, emphasizing the neck, armpits, and small folds. If these areas remain damp, there is a risk of maceration and irritation of the epidermis.

What Temperature Should the Room Be While I Bathe Him?

It should be between 20 and 22°C so that your baby feels comfortable. You can install a thermometer there to be sure. If it's too hot or too cold, your baby won't feel well, and neither will you!

Why Should Bathwater Be at 37°C?

Actually, it's body temperature. A tip to quickly know if the water temperature is correct: dip your elbow in the bath. The water should not feel too hot or too cold. But, in any case, it is essential to perform a check with a thermometer.

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