Best Masks: What to Choose for Your Skin?

Regularly using a mask allows you to take care of your skin in different ways: hydrating it, making it cleaner, providing vitamins, and delaying the appearance of the first signs of aging.
Every woman should have her suitable mask based on the characteristics of her skin!

Caring for your skin, especially your facial skin, is an imperative in modern times, as it is exposed to pollution, wind, cold, sun, and stress. The face is often the first image of our person, causing the initial impression. It is important to take care of it, which means taking care of oneself, having self-love. In this context of love, respect, and kindness, the facial mask is an essential beauty step!

This skin care ritual allows cleaning, purifying, and unclogging pores, but also nourishing and moisturizing it, depending on the skin type.
•    Oily skin prefers a facial mask designed to absorb excess sebum, with green clay, for example.
•    Dry skin will favor a hydrating facial mask, such as a mask based on fatty active ingredients (avocado, shea butter, argan...) to which soothing active ingredients are added.
•    Combination skin prefers the mask that will contain fatty active ingredients and clay, the perfect equation to rebalance the skin.

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