Blonde Hair

How to Care for Your Colored or Natural Blonde Hair?

Your blonde hair requires attention: pamper it, clean it carefully, and avoid chlorine-filled pools, or you'll never forget that vacation in Greece where you came back with green hair. Instead of learning from your mistakes, wouldn't it be simpler to follow all the tips to maintain your blonde hair?

Whether your hair is platinum blonde, ashy blonde, or Californian blonde, colored or natural blonde hair is fragile and requires special care. UV rays, pollution, or even water hardness can damage it without you realizing it until the day your hair looks like dry straw. But how to maintain and protect your beloved blonde hair?

How to Choose Shampoo and Conditioner for Blonde Hair?

For those with blonde hair, it's advisable to wash the hair as little as possible. When choosing a shampoo and conditioner, opt for formulas specially designed for blonde hair that will preserve and revive its color. Avoid anything abrasive and choose products specifically intended for blonde hair. To prevent your blonde hair from yellowing, purple, blue, or silver shampoos are in trend and work well to neutralize any questionable color that interferes with your beautiful blonde hair.

Blonde (dyed) hair must remain hydrated. If you have colored or bleached blonde hair, it generally means they are damaged and dehydrated—quite thirsty. Remember to nourish it daily with a specific restorative treatment.

How to Protect Your Hair from Heat?

Hot tools like the hairdryer or straightener are aggressive for all hair types, but even more so for colored or bleached hair and blonde hair. Blonde is the most fragile color, but since we can't prevent you from brushing your hair, we'll explain how to minimize damage. Depending on your hair type and preferences, try a cream, spray, or balm that protects from heat to combat damage and prevent color alteration.

What about Sun Exposure?

The same battle with the sun, which tends to damage your hair! Hats and scarves are in trend in the summer and are the best defense against UV rays. Many brands offer products that protect from UV rays or repair hair after sun exposure.

What about Water and Chlorine?

Are you paranoid every time you take a dip in the chlorine-filled pool that threatens to turn your hair green? You're right, but there are things you can do to try to protect yourself. The swim cap from our childhood swimming lessons is the best shield. Apply a protective serum before bathing; this will create a barrier between the hair and salty water or chlorine. Once out of the water, wash your hair immediately to remove chlorine and salt residues. If you still see a greenish tint, use a specific shampoo to remove it.

Above all, the most important thing is to ensure that your hairdresser knows how to create and touch up your color without it being too frequent. Coloring your hair too often leads to stress and excessive dryness.

Your best ally to combat damage? Masks! Bet on at least one per week using formulas for colored hair.

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