Redness, soothing, and repair

Redness, soothing, and repair

Facial Redness: What Care to Take?

• What are the reasons for facial redness?
• Which anti-redness cream should I use?
• Calm redness with a new skincare routine

Facial redness comes in various forms, but all originate from the dilation of blood vessels. From simple blushing due to shyness to a true skin condition, redness varies in intensity. Fortunately, daily creams and anti-redness treatments help soothe the skin.

Why is there redness on the face?

Redness on the face, a flaw in blood vessels.
The simplest and most common redness of the skin, even if sometimes embarrassing: blushing due to shyness, after a compliment, or simply by seeing someone. Some people are more prone to this than others. The redness rises to the cheeks, meaning the blood flows through the face, indicating hyperactivity of blood vessels.

Facial Redness: Rosacea and Erythrosis

Redness can also manifest as patches on the face, more enduring and less easy to conceal. Depending on their degree of importance, they are called rosacea and erythrosis. These are different stages of the same condition that causes excessive dilation of blood vessels.
They affect most women with fair and thin skin and occur between 25 and 30 years of age. Redness may occur or worsen during pregnancy, in particular. The individuals involved usually have a predisposed genetic background accentuated by the environment. Redness can also appear during temperature differences, from cold to hot continuously in winter or from air conditioning to intense heat in summer, as well as when consuming spicy foods or drinking alcohol, even in low doses.
Red patches appear, with warming of the skin, and are more or less enduring, depending on the person. They occur mainly on the cheeks and also affect the nose, forehead, and chin. For rosacea, in particular, the location of these rednesses may mistakenly suggest a form of acne in the T-zone, but it is not, although rosacea also has small pimples.

Which anti-redness cream to use?

In the case of severe and irritating redness, it is obviously essential for your health and comfort to consult a general practitioner who will refer you to a dermatologist. They will be able to determine exactly what type of issue concerns you and, of course, find an appropriate treatment.
However, in everyday life, cosmetic products and creams can alleviate redness, at least for a day.

Anti-Redness Creams and All Anti-Redness Care

There are many anti-redness creams, for all prices. Therefore, it is crucial to choose your treatment according to its composition, which should be anti-inflammatory and protective throughout the day. This is to prevent sunburn and create a barrier against temperature differences. They should also provide sufficient hydration.

The first brands to develop anti-redness treatments are those available in pharmacies and online stores, especially with their ranges of thermal water treatment. Anti-redness creams also combine vitamins B3 and CG, which protect against the dilation of vessels on the surface. Others combine plant molecules, such as soothing extracts of plants.
There are also anti-redness serums, more concentrated in active ingredients and penetrating deeply. Serums are never used alone. This can be particularly interesting if you want to use another type of cream as a supplement, such as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Soothe redness with a new skincare routine

If you suffer from redness, you should treat the skin with the utmost gentleness to avoid stimulating excess blood circulation. Similarly, already sensitized skin will react even worse to overly aggressive treatment.
Therefore, exfoliating the skin is completely forbidden. On the contrary, in the morning and evening, adopt a skincare routine. A gentle cleansing milk is recommended, and it is also possible to use a cleansing vegetable oil in massage to gently remove impurities.

Avoid all types of soaps, which can dry out the skin quickly. Similarly, rubbing with a cotton pad is not recommended. Prefer the fingertips, much less aggressive. As for peels and aggressive exfoliation, they are completely contraindicated. Finish removing makeup by removing the excess with a cotton pad or tissue, without rubbing again. Spray soothing thermal water before applying the anti-redness cream.

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