Dandruff-Prone Hair / Sensitive Scalp

Scalp and Dandruff: The Benefits of Conditioners

Often, there is a mistaken belief that dandruff is a hair problem. However, dandruff is a scalp issue, whether it's an oily scalp with oily dandruff or a dry scalp with dry dandruff. Let's explore the problem from its roots.

•    Scalp and dandruff
•    Hygiene and specific care for dandruff
•    The usefulness of conditioners in dandruff treatment

The causes and treatments of dandruff are often overlooked. Moreover, we always associate these unpleasant white flakes with hair, while they are usually the consequence of a condition on the scalp.

Scalp and Dandruff

Dandruff is a flaking of the scalp, a sign that the skin is renewing and excessively "shedding." All germs, fungi, and bacteria present in the approximately 100,000 hair follicles on the head feed on these flakes and, in turn, produce residues. These residues are the cause of unpleasant and even painful irritations and itching on the scalp. To eradicate dandruff, the priority is, therefore, to first maintain a healthy scalp. It involves washing the scalp, not just the hair. Naturally, you should also wash the lengths, but it's the scalp and roots that need to get rid of impurities the most.

Hygiene and Specific Care for Dandruff

The answer to the dandruff problem is simple: it lies in the daily washing of the hair, especially the scalp. We wash our bodies every day, so we should do the same with our hair. Moreover, in most cases, people prone to dandruff, when recommended to wash their hair daily, see the issue disappear. The problem is that many often skip washes for practical reasons: women may have colored or styled hair and don't want to see the color fade or start styling from scratch. Therefore, it's better to opt for targeted care when you don't want to wash your hair every day.

The Usefulness of Conditioners in Dandruff Treatment

If you are prone to dry dandruff (the most common), it's ideal to choose a dandruff shampoo and conditioner. In most cases, this is sufficient to get rid of dandruff without resorting to a prescription. Often rich in active ingredients (reducing and antifungal agents), these medicated shampoos are a somewhat excessive solution to treat a simple dandruff problem, more unpleasant than truly pathological. The winning combination: a shampoo to wash and rid the scalp of impurities and a conditioner to complete the anti-dandruff action, leaving the hair fresh, silky, and oxygenating the scalp. It's as simple as beautiful hair!

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