Oily Hair

What to do to stop having oily hair?

I have oily hair, what should I do? Shampoo for oily hair: how to choose the right care? Oily scalp: natural remedies.
Oily hair is a daily headache. Oily hair looks messy even if you washed it that morning. Tailored treatments, daily habits, and beauty tips, discover our tips to avoid oily hair.

I have oily hair, what should I do?

Oily hair is caused by excess sebum: for various reasons, the scalp produces an excess of sebum, which makes the hair oily. Sebum itself is a good thing as it keeps the hair hydrated. However, when the scalp produces too much, the hair becomes dirty. For some, having oily hair is part of their hair's nature, just like skin can be dry, combination, or oily, we find naturally dry or oily hair. This does not mean that there are no solutions.

To stop having oily hair, there are some simple daily actions that can help:
•     Do not brush too much: this stimulates the scalp, thus, sebum production. However, a bit of brushing each day is needed to detangle the hair and distribute sebum along the lengths to nourish them.
•     Do not overuse dry shampoo: even though it is a good solution to hide oily hair, in very high doses, it damages the scalp, which responds by producing more sebum.
•     Do not touch your hair too often: constantly running your hand through your hair stimulates sebum production. Moreover, if your hands are dirty, you risk making your hair dirtier and oilier even faster.
•     Rinse your hair thoroughly: forget very hot water and rinse abundantly; for very clean hair, take the time to rinse each area thoroughly. Obviously, for residue-free hair, you also need the right shampoo.
•     The oilier the hair, the more tendency to wash it frequently, creating a vicious circle because, by washing the hair too often, the scalp gets damaged and produces more sebum in response. The hair becomes oily even faster.
•     Limit fatty foods: just like the skin, an excessively oily diet will give an oily scalp.

Shampoo for oily hair: how to choose the right care?

For oily hair, you need tailored care, specifically for oily hair. Do not use shampoos for dry, very rich hair, and opt for shampoos for oily hair. If your hair grows quickly but the tips are dry, you can alternate with a regular shampoo to avoid drying out the tips too much. If you need to wash your hair every day or on alternate days, choose a shampoo for frequent use, suitable for daily washing without damaging the hair too much.
When choosing your shampoo, you can opt for a green clay shampoo, which is ideal for absorbing excess sebum. Finally, avoid shampoos based on silicone or collagen, which lubricate and weigh down the hair fiber. These components are intended to make the hair soft and shiny but are difficult to rinse out and tend to leave residues in the hair, making it greasier even faster.

Oily scalp: natural remedies

To combat oily hair, there are natural remedies. You can opt for a 100% natural beauty routine. For a natural shampoo for oily hair, you can wash your hair with baking soda: this white powder, mixed with water, is an excellent gentle cleanser and very effective at removing sebum, lime, and pollution residues. To be done once a week, it purifies the oily scalp. Along the same lines, you can create your homemade shampoo based on green clay, which will be very effective for more washes. Finally, in addition to tailored and natural care, you can also invest in herbal medicine: plants like burdock or nettle are excellent for purifying oily skin and scalp.

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