Colored or Chemically Treated Hair.

Colored or Chemically Treated Hair: Choosing the Right Shampoo

Colored Hair, What Shampoo to Use?

Colored hair requires specially designed care. The ideal choice is nourishing and protective formulas that enhance hair fiber's shine and preserve color intensity.

Hair Coloring: How Does It Work?

Permanent colors contain active chemical ingredients, not always beneficial for hair. Monthly usage is the correct frequency to allow hair regeneration. However, with each shampoo, color gradually fades, hair loses luster, and roots become visible. As a permanent product, the color never disappears unless you trim the dyed hair length.

The first step for color vibrancy is using the nourishing care provided in the color kit. Often overlooked, it has its benefits—sometimes with argan oil, providing nourishing properties that preserve both hair and color.

Which Shampoo is Right for My Color?

To prevent rapid color fading, reduce hair washing frequency. Since coloring dries hair, they become less oily, requiring only 2 or 3 shampoos per week. Opt for mild shampoos that don't damage hair fibers.

Shampoos designed for colored hair help maintain vibrant color but aren't meant for frequent use. Once a week is sufficient, serving as a re-pigmentation treatment.

For blond hair, an anti-yellowing shampoo is more suitable. Choose one with soothing active ingredients that close hair cuticles, retaining color. While silicon is often used for this smoothing effect, there are silicone-free options with natural active ingredients, equally effective and healthy.

Ingredients found in shampoos include:

  • Argan oil, shea butter, or açaí for natural softening and vibrant color enhancement.
  • Henna for brunettes restores color shine.
  • Chamomile, known for its brightening properties in blond hair.
  • Rice protein with moisturizing and smoothing properties, ideal for color recovery.
  • Silk proteins soften and make hair silky.
  • Soy lecithin hydrates and nourishes hair, enhancing shine.

Usage Tips:

For regular use, wash hair with a gentle, hydrating, and nourishing shampoo every 2 or 3 days. Apply a special color shampoo once a week as a unique treatment.

To prevent rapid color change, gently massage the scalp, rinse thoroughly, preferably with cold water. Very hot water opens hair cuticles, causing color to fade faster. Adding apple cider vinegar to the final rinse helps remove water-deposited limestone and prevents color alteration.

Air-drying hair instead of using a hairdryer, unless it has a "cold air" function, avoids hair damage.

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