Blonde Hair

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Blonde Hair

If you have golden or platinum blonde hair, here are some small hair care routines for you! Golden blonde, cool blonde, grey blonde, sandy blonde, honey blonde, amber blonde, platinum blonde, Venetian blonde, caramel blonde, unicorn white blonde, silver blonde, strawberry blonde, Bardot blonde, or just blonde – you could say there are countless nuances in this hair color!

Routine for Nourishing Blonde Hair

To combat external aggressions, fix color pigments (if your hair is colored), and maintain shine, we recommend not skimping on hair care when washing blonde hair. The ideal is to follow the holy trinity of hair care: shampoo, conditioner, and mask. If your hair is colored, using products rich in plant-based active ingredients like acai, antioxidant vitamin E, and vegetable oil (such as flax) will make your hair healthier. Apply a leave-in nourishing treatment (based on shea butter, for example) to smooth the hair fiber and nourish it deeply. It's best to apply it to towel-dried hair after washing (even though some products can be applied to dry hair). For a complete routine for delicate and brittle blonde hair, use serum or oil on the ends (on dry hair) before going to bed. If your hair has been bleached from brown to blonde, alternate between colored hair care and restorative care containing ceramides (these are lipids that strengthen the hair). Summer routine to protect your blonde hair Before and during exposure, it's advisable to use hair care products with UV filters at the same frequency as your sunscreen. Sun rays can damage hair too! If you're a blonde concerned about the health of your hair and have little time, making masks rich in vegetable oil (like coconut, argan, or jojoba) overnight once a week will be a sweet revelation. Apply the mask to washed and towel-dried hair and leave it on with a warm towel.

How to Brighten Your Blonde Hair

The most radical solution is highlights: lighten a few strands by one to two shades for a sun-kissed blonde look on vacation. Highlights also have the advantage of creating a sense of volume due to the relief provided by the different blonde tones in your hair.

What Are the Natural Solutions for Lightening Blonde Hair?

Grandma's remedies (which are always right) based on lemon juice or chamomile. Letting lemon juice air dry can add pleasant highlights to your hair. As for chamomile, two treatments are possible. You can boil 1 liter of water and 100 grams of dried chamomile flowers or infuse chamomile tea bags in hot water to rinse your hair after washing. Another solution to consider is going on a sunny vacation to get natural highlights (as long as you protect and nourish your blonde hair).

How to Prevent Blonde Hair from Turning Yellow or Green?

You can use a purple shampoo to make your hair lighter. There are few solutions to prevent blonde hair from turning green due to chlorine. Why being blonde is a benefit for your hair? Blondes have the advantage of having a light color, ideal for trying out the craziest and most desired Instagram colors without damaging their hair, with the latest being holographic color. Pastel colors and temporary spray dyes are much easier to achieve on natural blonde hair than on brown or red hair, for example.

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