Dry Shampoo

Tips for Choosing Your Dry or Powdered Shampoo

Increasingly popular and modern, dry shampoo is on the rise. Efficient, economical, and easy to use, it has numerous advantages. After presenting the benefits of dry shampoo for hair, Tips-Practices provides some valuable tips for choosing dry or powdered shampoo. In fact, just like with a classic shampoo, it is necessary to choose the shampoo according to your hair type and needs.

Washing your hair too frequently can be harmful and, in the long run, dry and damage the scalp. Therefore, the ideal is to wash two to three times a week, which is more than enough. However, if your hair grows very quickly or you feel it's dirty, using a dry shampoo is a very good solution. Moreover, it allows styling to be ready in a few minutes! But how do you choose your dry or powdered shampoo? In this article, Tips-Practices provides some answers.

How to Choose Your Dry or Powdered Shampoo?

The compounds present in dry shampoo (rice or cornstarch, clay, or oatmeal) can remove impurities and absorb excess sebum from the scalp without the need for water. The goal of dry shampoo is not to replace the usual shampoo with water but only to make the hair cleaner for a few hours. However, to achieve this, you still need to choose the right dry shampoo.

Like classic shampoos, dry shampoos are available in various ranges to meet all needs: purifying, sebum regulators, volumizers. Due to their nature, dry shampoo is naturally suitable for oily hair that grows back quickly. However, it is also suitable for dry hair, provided it is carefully chosen.

Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair?

If you have oily hair, dry shampoos are for you. Between 2 regular shampoos, they refresh the hair and boost volume. Preferably, choose a dry shampoo that regulates sebum, with very high absorption, so that shampoos can be spaced out. This is even more important for oily hair because washing with water too often promotes sebum production on the scalp. Dry shampoos with rice starch, oatmeal, and nettle are interesting due to their recognized sebum-regulating properties.

Dry Shampoo for Dry Hair?

Dry shampoos are also interesting for dull, weakened, and textureless hair. In a few minutes and without water, dry shampoo gives strength and shine to the hair, avoiding weakening the hair fiber, unlike some regular shampoos. However, to avoid attacking your fragile hair, choose a formula based on rice powder, without parabens, silicone, or sulfate.

Dry Shampoo for Colored Hair?

If you have colored or brown hair, opt for a dry shampoo for colored hair that incorporates mineral pigments. They blend with the hair and offer a touch-up at the root between two colorings.

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