Slimming product

Slimming product

Slimming Creams: Active Ingredients That Really Work

To get rid of small accumulated fats, look for the right slimming formulas with proven active ingredients.
Caffeine, horse chestnut, red vine, ginger, quince leaf are natural extracts that are part of the formula of many slimming products.
But are they effective?

Caffeine, Star of Fat Dissolution

Undoubtedly the first introduced ingredient in slimming products and one of the most active due to the research of the Fabre laboratories, Percutafeine, which received marketing authorization thirty years ago, indicating that it had drug status.
Caffeine is a lipolytic, meaning it increases lipolysis, the destruction of fat, through a cascade of enzymatic reactions. This causes the body to release fatty acids and glycerol. These fatty acids provide energy, but if they are in high quantities, they are dangerous for the membranes of our cells.
It's good to release fatty acids, but if they are not used, they return to be stored in our fat cells. Therefore, it requires a negative energy balance (i.e., more calories spent than calories ingested) for the body to consume these free fatty acids. It's important to reduce fat intake by 10%.
Poor circulation worsens fatty cellulite. It can cause edema that suffocates adipocytes, trapping them and favoring those dimples, i.e., cellulite. Moreover, all fatty acids released by caffeine need to be drained by the lymph, hence the interest in good circulation.

Draining Plants

Horse chestnut, known for its draining and stimulating qualities, promotes absorption of swelling and elimination of trapped water in dimples.
Red vine, rich in flavonoids, strengthens the walls of capillaries, increasing collagen fibers.
Ivy promotes the drainage of fluids and helps the lymphatic system get rid of fatty acids.
Soy extracts help eliminate toxic fluids and promote the proper functioning of aquaporins, these small "pipes" that allow good water evacuation.
Quince leaf, an intelligent fat burner.
We have just discovered that there are three types of adipocytes, all involved in the extension of adipose tissue and the formation of dimples. The first are fat stores. Capable of making massive reserves and multiplying, they maintain the vicious circle of cellulite.
The second, the fat burners, play a beneficial role in the permanent burning of fat to meet the body's energy needs. When caloric intake is equivalent to our expenditure, these adipocytes do not store fat and provide the necessary energy for the proper functioning of our metabolism.
The last, the adipocytes produce fibers involved in the structure of adipose tissue. Normally, they produce only a few fibers needed to support adipose tissue. But when caloric intake is higher than expenditure, nothing is worth more: the "fat storer" becomes zealous, and the captains multiply. The "burner" lowers its arms and reduces the burning capacity. Fats accumulate, adipose tissue thickens. Fiber producers accumulate collagen fibers around fat cells. Bad idea: the skin hardens, becomes sensitive to pinches. Fat gets stuck and becomes difficult to remove. Hence the interest of this new active ingredient: quince leaf extract, which, according to tests, is capable of directing storage adipocytes to "burn fat" activity, to increase the work of "burners," and increase collagen 6 to fight against the stiffening of elastic fibers.

Carnitine: A Power Stack

This molecule is an amino acid that transports fatty acids released by caffeine to the mitochondria, these "power plants" of our cells, so that they can be used as fuel. Therefore, it improves fat metabolism. It is a source of energy for all skin cells.

Pepper, to Optimize the Effect of Caffeine

Whether pink or black, it reduces the "gang" present around adipocytes so that they are more easily accessible to caffeine and also stimulates microcirculation, thus allowing better elimination of fatty acid residues.

Ginger: A Renowned Anti-Inflammatory

Known for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, this root helps prevent inflammation of tissues suffocated by adipocytes. It is the champion of disinfectants. It is intended for the engorgement of tissues for light legs and fights against all watery swellings.

Silicon: Guarantee of Firmness

Not everything is about losing weight... the skin also needs to follow! To increase its collagen and elastin fibers, silicon is sovereign. It restructures tissues by stimulating the production of collagen and elastic fibers.

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