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Choosing the Best Hair Styling Products for Men

Choosing the Best Hair Styling Products for Men

Choosing the Best Product to Style Your Hair: Wax, Gel, Pomade, Hair Spray?

If women perfectly navigate the hair product department, the same cannot always be said for men. Wax, gel, styling pomade? There's something for everyone, but choosing among these products can be challenging. However, to look well-groomed with perfect hair and beard, you shouldn't randomly pick your products. Don't assume that what works for your friends or colleagues will work for you! Your hair is unique!

To help you navigate the array of products for your hair and style, follow this guide.

Different Types of Men's Hair Styling Products

When focusing on styling products, you'll find wax, foam, pomade, powder, styling cream, clay, hair spray, gel, styling spray, and volumizing spray. Note that using hairspray won't yield the same result as styling foam. To choose, define the effect you want on your hair.

1- Wax for Holding and Remodeling Hair

If beard balm (also called wax) has been around for a short time, styling wax has been in the market for many years. If you don't like the result with styling gel, you can use styling wax. This product helps discipline your strands. It's more suitable for short hair and not recommended for fine, voluminous hair with strands going in all directions. For long hair, controlling frizz with styling wax can be challenging. Choose a wax with a composition that suits your preference. For a more natural look, opt for a wax based on mineral wax.

2- Hair Gel for Styling

If you want well-sculpted or sleek hair, you can use styling gel. Ideal for fixing your hair, styling gel allows you to create a variety of hairstyles. It may give a "wet" look even when dry. While some products in this category offer shine and volume, gel is not very popular as it can give a cardboard-like effect and be sticky. Use it with caution as frequent use can damage your hair, similar to conditioner. Suitable for all hair types, particularly recommended for short or medium-length straight hair.

3- Pomade for Smoothing and Shining

Pomade allows for a sophisticated hairstyle with smooth, shiny, and "natural" hair. It's known for adding shine and good hold. Choose a pomade with quality components for better results. Recommended for straight, medium-length hair.

4- Styling Spray for Hairstyles

Styling spray or fixing spray is often confused with hairspray. These two styling products provide similar results, but spray should be applied before styling. Excessive use can damage your hair, so use it in moderation. Styling spray is recommended for any hair type.

5- Styling Mousse for Shaping and Adding Volume

Styling mousse adds volume and redefines curls. It provides a light hold for a natural and airy appearance. Suitable for all hair types, particularly recommended for men with fine hair for a volumizing effect. Apply on wet hair for best results.

6- Styling Cream for Hair Maintenance

Styling cream or creamy balm is ideal for hair care, providing hydration and nourishment without adding volume. It helps control frizz and highlights curls. Suitable for short to medium-long hair, normal to dry hair, and particularly recommended for those with very dry hair.

7- Modeling Clay for Hold and Volume

Clay is absorbent and fixing, providing structure and a natural matte finish. It adds volume, making hair appear thicker. Suitable for medium to long straight hair. Use with caution to avoid excessive shine.

Is This Product Suitable for Your Hair?

Some styling products may produce similar effects, but the results of a styling cream may differ from modeling clay. If you know your hair type and its properties, you can choose the most suitable product. If unsure, conduct a test using two products for one to two weeks each and observe the results. It's advisable not to use two styling products simultaneously.


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