The 10 Essential Hair Accessories

Boar bristle brush, ceramic brush, skeleton brush, diffuser, hairpins, elastic bands, or chignon pins: if you're not careful, you can quickly end up with an incredible number of hair accessories. The choice is vast!
 Here are the 10 essential hair accessories you need to style your hair.
Wishing to create a specific hairstyle and realizing that you don't have the right equipment can be particularly frustrating! To avoid reliving that moment of disappointment, follow our advice and adopt these ten accessories. With them, you can achieve most hairstyles.
Triple row comb. If you don't have the hair volume of Tina Turner or the mass of Beyoncé, the three-row comb is essential. It detangles the hair, preventing damage, and allows for the creation of "strands" that hold over time. Its use is straightforward: separate the hair into medium-sized sections and then brush normally to remove knots. Bring your three-row comb and brush the hair in the opposite direction, starting from the root and moving upward. Prefer a triple row comb with a tail, which will be used for parting.

•    Wide-tooth comb
If you don't have afro or curly hair, you can do without buying a wide-tooth comb. If you do, this is the comb for you. In fact, it will allow you to detangle your hair without breaking it and without getting caught in knots. Be careful, choose one that doesn't have ridges between each tooth. These tend to break the hair rather than detangle it.
•    Large Velcro Rollers
They may give off a vintage vibe, but large velcro rollers are essential and should not be underestimated due to their multiple uses.
To curl the hair: the night before, place your large velcro rollers in the hair, lightly spritz with hairspray, and cover your head with a hairnet or scarf to protect them while you sleep.

It's better to opt for large foam rollers for comfort reasons. If you don't want to buy them, make sure to place the velcro rollers only on the sides of your head where you don't lean when sleeping.

The next morning, remove the rollers, use hairspray, and your hair is curled!

To add volume: in the morning, even before having breakfast, place large velcro rollers over the hair sections near the crown of your head and remove them right before heading out.

To achieve more volume and texture, heat the hair with a hairdryer and let it cool on the large rollers. When you remove them, your hair will be wavy.

•    Round Ceramic Brush

For all those who refuse to leave without brushing, the round ceramic brush is the best accessory to have. It diffuses the heat from the hairdryer, making brushing easier and saving time at the same time. Make sure to choose your ceramic round brush according to your hair: medium diameter for medium-length hair and thick for long hair. If you have bangs, consider using one with a small diameter to ease the process. Be careful to avoid ceramic brushes with pins. These can get stuck in your hair and break it.

•    Pneumatic Brush

This is the common hairbrush, the one we use to detangle the hair and remove any knots. Choose one with boar bristles and without pins. Avoid using it in the shower to prevent it from filling with water.

•    Hairpins

To hold a rebellious strand of hair, free the face from bangs, or simply keep a bun in place: hairpins are essential.

Choose ones with crimped tips to avoid hurting the scalp and breaking the hair. In terms of color, know that more and more brands offer pins adapted to your hair color, so they are very discreet.

•    Hair Ties

For those with medium to long hair, hair ties are like oxygen: impossible to live without!

Ponytail, half updo, braid, bun: you can do it all with them, starting with cleaning your face and neck. Choose ones without metal to avoid damaging your hair.

•    Hair Straightener

You might think that a straightener is only useful for girls with curly and long hair, but it's not. The straightener does much more than straighten hair. It can also be used to create curls, tame hair strands, heat up a strip of cold wax, and even iron out a wrinkled shirt collar. Choose one with ceramic plates and an adjustable temperature to protect your hair from heat damage.

If you have thick, long, and particularly curly hair, opt for a straightener with wide plates to save time while straightening. If not, choose a straightener with a thin clamp so you can also use it for curling hair.

•    Hairpins

It's not just hair ties and hairpins that hold your hair. Less seen, the hairpin keeps your hair in place without damaging it or leaving "marks." It's sexier than an elastic band and can be used for hair effects.

•    Diffuser

If you want to have beautiful hair and protect it from aggressions, you need a diffuser. This attachment is attached to the hairdryer and protects the hair from direct heat. It also provides a more natural and wavy drying.

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