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10 Easy Tips for Beautiful Hair

Caring for your hair every day is easy. Our expert provides some very simple tips for you to perform and include in your beauty routine.

1 - Choose the Right Shampoo

Nothing like a treatment tailored to your needs to showcase beautiful hair. Is your scalp sensitive and your hair dry? Use a sulfate-free mild shampoo. Need nourishment and maximum care? A ceramide-based treatment smoothens and shapes your fiber. Have dandruff? Choose a purifying and soothing shampoo.

2 - Wash Hair with Cold Water

Finish rinsing your hair with a sufficient stream of cold water. This closes the cuticle scales, which reflect light better. The care you applied to your hair will remain longer in the hair fiber, leaving your hair soft and shiny for several days.

3 - Massage Your Scalp

Whether applying shampoo or on dry hair, massage activates microcirculation and increases hair growth. The right gesture: use the pads of your fingers to make circular movements, pressing lightly. Do this for 5 minutes, preferably 1 to 2 times a week.

4 - Dry Hair at Low Temperature

Set your hair dryer temperature to a low setting to avoid sensitizing your hair. In spring and summer, let your hair air dry, simply applying a texture spray to define your waves. Finally, reserve the use of irons and straighteners for exceptional occasions.

5 - Use the Right Shampoo

It is ideal to wash your hair twice a week. This gives sebum time to act as a natural nourishing treatment and avoids irritating the scalp. The more you space out your shampoos, the greater the growth of your hair. To help you gain 1 or 2 days, you can camouflage your roots with accessories, hairstyles, but also use dry shampoo.

6 - Untangle Hair Before Bed

Combing your hair before bed frees fibers and roots from impurities accumulated during the day. Try to sleep without tying your hair, or at least not tying it too tightly. Doing so can damage and break them. Choose a boar bristle brush, ideal for the fiber and combating static electricity.

7 - Make a Homemade Hair Mask

Easy to make and economical, masks adapt to everyone's needs. Do you have dry hair? Make a mask with avocado, yogurt, or banana. Is your hair prone to oily? Apply a mixture of green clay and lemon to the scalp and lengths. If you want to increase shine, opt for argan oil or jojoba oil.

8 - Protect Your Hair from the Sun

The longer your hair, the more likely it is to become brittle under the sun's rays. Remember to apply a protective spray before each exposure and nourish the ends with a dry oil.

9 - Trim the Ends Regularly

The ideal is to cut 1 centimeter every two months. This activates hair growth and increases its resistance. You can easily do this at home. Just separate the hair into two equal sections, drawing a well-centered part. Twist each of the dividers and then lightly trim the ends using scissors.

10 - Opt for a Natural Color in Autumn

Plant-based dyes, to be performed at the hairdresser or at home, enhance the hair without weakening or drying it. They generally contain moisturizing active ingredients that make the hair shiny and flexible. On the other hand, they allow the production of only fairly natural tone-on-tone colors.

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