Body Treatment

How to Choose Your Body Treatment?

How to Choose Your Body Treatment?

Having well-hydrated skin is a sign of good health. Choosing the right body treatment becomes crucial to display nourished, soft, and firm skin throughout the year!
The application of a moisturizing lotion has a protective effect on the body, preventing the evaporation of naturally released water, keeping the skin naturally hydrated.
It's important to nourish the skin daily, in the morning and at night. This is how we achieve the softness and flexibility of the skin.
Regarding components, we should opt for treatments based on shea butter or vegetable oils that intensely nourish the epidermis.
Nourishing the skin throughout the year is, therefore, essential!
In summer, good hydration will extend the tan. In winter, it will protect the skin from external factors (such as wind, cold, pollution, heating) that tend to dry and damage it. Fatigue is also a dehydrating factor, hindering the skin's proper defense.

A Body Treatment Adapted to Your Skin Type

The effectiveness of a treatment depends on choosing a product adapted to your skin.
If you don't know your skin type, seek guidance from a dermatologist who can also advise you on proper skincare.



Tense skin that has lost its elasticity.
Use nourishing and soothing treatments that will allow your skin to regain elasticity! Lotions rich in nourishing agents like coconut oil also provide comfort and softness, making it more flexible, soft, and radiant for 24 hours. In addition to the texture that quickly penetrates the epidermis, it gives a sweet coconut smell.


Skin that requires little care. The main thing is to maintain the skin's natural hydration.
Prefer fluid textures. Avoid very greasy cream care to avoid an unpleasant effect. Use body lotions made with jojoba oil, aloe vera, or cocoa butter that leave a velvety sensation on the skin.


Flaky skin that causes itching. Also called crocodile skin. It particularly needs nutrition.
Use oils and balms. Also, consider that products based on olive extract are more nourishing. These treatments are perfect for relieving dry skin symptoms. In addition to intensely nourishing the skin, they prevent the early appearance of wrinkles. Avoid lotions that contain perfume, as they tend to further dry the skin.


Skin often prone to redness. Requires only a few cares.
Prefer oils or body lotions that soothe and moisturize the skin. These treatments have the advantage of being gentle and, above all, leaving the skin nourished and protected after application.

Application of Creams on the Body.

Any cream should be applied to clean and dry skin, preferably right after a shower. If taken care of daily, morning and night, your body will regain its vitality.
It's important to massage the skin properly until the creams or oils penetrate well. Massage is also excellent for circulation! For drier areas, such as elbows or knees, choose an emollient cream whose soothing properties are particularly suitable for very dry areas.