Anti Aging

Anti Aging

When should we start applying anti-aging cream?

The skin begins its aging process from the age of 20. It's not so much about age; it's mainly necessary to look at the state of our skin. The best diagnosis is the mirror. There are many moments in life, even when we are 20, that consume a lot of energy and exhaust the skin. Periods of extreme fatigue, pregnancy, exams, etc., are moments when we need anti-aging treatment. As the years go by, this need and benefit increase.

What are the first signs of aging?

The signs of aging begin to appear on the skin over the years. Over time, the skin seems less radiant, more heterogeneous. It will lose its warmth as microcirculation is less and less present, and the color will become cooler. Fine lines and wrinkles will appear, and the skin will lose firmness.

What active ingredients are effective in combating the first signs of aging?

There are two main categories of effective ingredients in combating the signs of aging on our skin: correcting ingredients and those that prevent the effects of the sun. It is widely demonstrated that the sun prematurely ages the skin. Active ingredients include sunscreens, as well as antioxidants like vitamins E and C. Corrective ingredients are those closer to their structural components: native plant cells, probiotics, peptides. They will promote regeneration, repair, and healing. There is also a wide variety of moisturizers that help the skin retain water, keeping it hydrated. Well-hydrated skin is more protected.

Can we use an anti-wrinkle cream only on certain areas of the face?

It is essential to treat the entire face with anti-wrinkle or anti-aging cream and not just specific areas. We must not forget that massage is extremely beneficial for the skin because it activates microcirculation.

What is the difference between anti-aging and anti-wrinkle?

Anti-aging cream has more comprehensive benefits, focusing on the mechanisms of repair and regeneration, according to the different layers of your skin. When it comes to an anti-wrinkle cream, the focus is on repairing the wrinkle, smoothing the skin's surface, and stimulating deep within to correct the wrinkle from the inside.

When young, should we apply anti-aging cream?

Even on young skin, a comprehensive anti-aging treatment is always beneficial, so it should be applied. Similarly, using a nighttime moisturizer is always positive. In the morning, upon waking up, the skin will be much brighter, and makeup will have a much more beautiful effect.

Should we be concerned about the effects of pollution?

Yes, of course! Pollution is one of the major challenges of modern societies. It is essential to develop more and more daily habits and routines to take care of and neutralize the harmful effects of pollution on our skin and body. Let's not think that living in the mountains makes us more protected, as it does not.

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