Fine Hair and Volume.

Fine and Straight Hair: Natural Tips for Added Volume

Natural is best for your fine hair. Start by turning away from conventional shampoos and conditioners, replacing them with gentler products that respect the hair fiber and preferably are 100% natural.
Also, remember that the more you wash them, the more you attack them, and the more they get damaged. Very frequent shampoos tend to weaken the hair, making it thinner, more brittle, and less likely to grow well. Space out washes as much as possible, using dry shampoos if necessary!
Avoid heat, which dries and weakens the hair. Limit drying with a hair dryer in favor of ultra-absorbent towels; it's best to let it air dry. Avoid using irons or straighteners and prefer heatless techniques that are equally effective.
Do not brush your hair when it's wet! When wet, the hair becomes elastic. Combing elongates and damages the hair fiber, which, once dry, becomes thinner and more brittle.
Lastly, always detangle starting from the bottom and working your way up. The opposite increases the number of knots and breaks more hair, making it thinner and less voluminous. Prefer a horn or wooden comb, much less aggressive than conventional brushes.

What Natural Ingredients to Choose for Fine Hair?

•    Vegetable Oils
To maximize their benefits, use vegetable oils once a week, mixed with other ingredients in a homemade mask (leave for 30 minutes to 2 hours) or directly in an oil bath, to be kept as long as possible before washing.

•    Castor Oil
Also known as castor oil, it is known to promote growth and make hair thicker, and therefore, more voluminous.

•    Olive Oil
Ultra-moisturizing, strengthens the hair fiber, leaving the hair shiny and silky. Less fragile, they will be much more beautiful.

•    Avocado Oil
Packed with vitamins, promotes hair growth, and makes it stronger and healthier.


Like oils, vegetable or mineral powders are very interesting active ingredients for hair and are easily incorporated into hair masks. However, be careful not to use them more than once a week to avoid suffocating already weakened hair.

•    Spirulina
Limits hair loss and promotes keratin synthesis, thus improving the nature of the hair fiber.

•    Neutral Henna
Ideal for naturally thickening hair, it also brings flexibility, lightness, density, and volume.

•    Clay
Densifies the hair lastingly. Choose green for oily hair, pink or white for normal to dry hair.

Ideal Recipe Especially for Fine Hair

Once a week, perform the following treatment:
- 1 natural yogurt at room temperature (provides hydration)
- 1 tbsp of active ingredients of your choice: clay, spirulina, or henna
- ½ tsp. vegetable oil: choose castor, olive, or avocado

Apply to dry hair, wrap it all in a plastic cap, and leave it on for 30 minutes to 2 hours before rinsing and washing your hair.
Just admire the result!

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