Accepted payment methods

Paypal is an Internet payment where you use your email and your credit or debit card. To use this method, select Paypal from the payment options and follow the instructions. This is a secure means with SSL 3.0 encryption and products paid by Paypal have insurance included. The word Paypal will be written on your account statement. Paypal belongs to the prestigious Ebay. We reserve the right not to accept this payment method when seller protection is not eligible.

This payment system is secure as the transaction can be carried out directly at an ATM, and you can also use your Bank's Home Banking. In order for you to pay for your order by Multibanco, when placing the order you must select the "Multibanco" payment method. The payment details will be displayed on the screen, as well as the order form will be sent by email along with the respective reference so that you can proceed with the payment.

To proceed with payment, you must follow the following steps:

- Choose the "PAYMENTS" option

- Choose the "Payment for Purchases" option

- Then insert the references provided


Entity: XXXXX

Reference: 145 4XX XXX

Amount: XX.XX €

Interbank solution that allows purchases, remote withdrawals and immediate transfers via smartphone or tablet, in a simple, comfortable and quick way.

To be able to use MB WAY, you simply need to be a customer of one of the Participating Banks and associate your bank cards with your mobile phone number, through the MULTIBANCO Network or home banking.

With MB WAY everything is simpler and more convenient, since to buy, make remote withdrawals or make immediate transfers, all you need is your mobile phone number and MB WAY PIN.

When making purchases on the internet, you can choose the Payshop payment method. This way, a reference will be issued that allows you to pay for your order at any of our Payshop Agents.

-After making and confirming the purchase/order in the online store, when choosing to pay through Payshop, you automatically access a reference that you must write down or print

-Go to the nearest Payshop Agent and indicate the payment reference

-Deliver the indicated amount

-Receive payment receipt

-Payment made!

  From this moment on, the online store will receive information that your order has been paid and will proceed with shipping.


Credit and Debit Cards

The most popular cards for credit are Visa and MasterCard and for debit, Visa Electron and Maestro.

To ensure increased security when making online payments using a bank card, the 3D-Secure service is increasingly used. It works by entering a single-use numeric code (one code per purchase) sent via SMS to the cardholder's cell phone.

It is available for physical and virtual cards from the MasterCard/Maestro and Visa/Visa Electron networks.