Hair developer

Hair Coloring Process

The Steps to Color Your Hair

What products to use for coloring?
To achieve hair coloring, two complementary ingredients are essential:
•    1 tube of hair dye
•    1 tube of developer and/or a tube of hair color activator

•    Pair of gloves
•    Coloring bowl (for mixing)
•    Brush for applying color.

When to Use the Developer?

The developer is a color fixative that penetrates the hair fiber to implant color pigments and make them last over time.
The main developer volumes used are "10vol" and "20vol" for lightening by one to two shades. In general, the developer is used for permanent hair coloring as part of covering gray hair.
From “30vol,” lightening operations can be performed. This type of developer is mainly used to achieve quite light or even very light blonde shades.
The activator, on the other hand, will be used mainly to create so-called "semi-permanent" or "tone-on-tone" colors, i.e., temporary colors that last about 3 to 4 weeks. As the name suggests, it helps reveal the natural hair color, providing highlights and shine.
The presence of developer is lower than in permanent color and does not contain ammonia.

What dosage to apply?
Depending on the developer/activator and the color dose, it is necessary to respect the dosage indicated on the hair dye tube.

For example, there are various dosages:
•    1 dose of color + 1 and a half doses of developer
•    1 dose of color + 1 dose of developer
•    1 dose of color + 2 doses of developer.
The last one is usually indicated as 1:1. The first number is the amount of color, while the second number refers to the amount of developer/activator to be used.
In the bowl, take care to combine the developer/activator and the dye to get the most homogeneous mixture possible.

What is the exposure time?
•    For applying the dye, we recommend first taking a fine-tooth comb and dividing the hair into 4 equal parts.
•    Use clips and clamps to hold them.
•    Hold one of these parts in your hands and divide it into two or three sub-parts. Apply the color starting from the tips of the hair and then move forward to the roots.
•    Leave it on for 30-35 minutes for permanent color (with developer) and approximately 25 minutes for "tone-on-tone" color (with activator). You should check the exposure time indicated on the hair dye tube.
How to rinse and wash hair after color breakage?
•    Rinse the hair for 2 to 3 minutes to release the color.
•    When the water is clear, use a post-color shampoo to help set the color.
•    If your hair is dry and/or sensitized, we recommend applying a nourishing conditioner.

How to Remove Hair Dye Stains?

To remove color stains from the skin, forget alcohol or makeup remover and opt for a specific stain remover. Using a cotton ball, remove stains from the scalp or ears.

How to Prolong Color Shine?
For each hair type, its beauty treatment ritual extends the life of your hair color.

For fine hair
Use a mild, silicone-free shampoo to add softness and shine to your hair.
Shampoos for oily hair are often very aggressive and contain a lot of silicone.
Alternate once a week with a color-boosting shampoo to extend color intensity.

For dry hair
Choose a nourishing shampoo once a week and alternate with a shampoo for colored hair enriched with moisturizing agents.
As a treatment, we recommend doing an oil mask once a week and always using a heat protection treatment in the form of oil or cream to protect the hair from thermal shocks.

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