Neck and Décolleté Treatment

Neck and Décolleté Treatment

Efficient Care for Smoothing the Neck and Décolleté

The neck and décolleté are delicate areas where the first signs of aging, such as spots and loss of tone, often appear. With proper care, improvement is rapid, and results are evident. Women now prioritize the beauty of their neck and décolleté, realizing that these areas contribute significantly to their overall appearance.

Nourish the Skin with Gentleness

The neck and décolleté have few or no sebaceous glands. Treat these areas with as much care and regularity as the face. Be cautious with exfoliants, opting for a gentle one as the skin is thin and sensitive. Use a nourishing cream with a very fine texture to avoid promoting sagging of the skin.

Deep Hydration

To prevent wrinkled décolletage and the "turkey neck" with raised small hair follicles, deeply hydrate with hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides almost instant lifting, while low molecular weight acts gently and profoundly. Apply regularly to the neck and the base of the breasts.

Remove Brown Spots from the Décolleté

For brown spots on the décolletage, consider treatments similar to facial hyperpigmentation, but with gentle approaches due to the area's sensitivity. You can use [anti-spot cream]( or opt for laser sessions to fade spots. In summer, focus on prevention by using [sunscreen](

Sagging of the Breasts

The main concern for women is breast ptosis or sagging. Over time, the skin covering the breasts loses elasticity and its elastic fibers, resulting in sagging. Preserving elastin is crucial as the breasts undergo many changes throughout life: pregnancies, diets, menstruation, menopause. Maximum elasticity is essential for the skin.

Correct Movements to Maintain a Smooth and Firm Neck

Elastin complements oxalthalane fibers, producing a voluptuous chest effect. With the right care, it takes no more than three to six weeks to start regaining a satisfactory shape.

Masks for Emergencies

Instant masks produce a quick effect, between fifteen to twenty minutes. Their active ingredients coat and firm, stimulating tone, reducing wrinkles and stretch marks, and restoring perfect elasticity, albeit temporarily. Effective treatments should use firming agents.


Apply matte or non-shiny makeup on the décolletage and neck area using a slightly tensor effect cream. The texture should not be too heavy for easier application. You can apply a [CC cream]( (green) if there is redness, mixed with a moisturizer, but avoid using foundation, which usually lacks transparency. Then, mattify with a brush using loose powder, as neutral as possible, to remove any shine. It is also advisable to have a compact [BB cream](, light or dark, for touch-ups. Work on blending the décolletage for depth.

Mini Exercises, Maximum Effects

• For a slender and firm neck: Press your tongue against the palate and pull it back into the mouth. Raise the neck without pulling the "cords," maintaining the pressure for about thirty seconds.
• For the décolletage: Regularly straighten up and turn your shoulders forward and backward. This clears the chest and lifts it.

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