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Dry Hair: How to Hydrate It?

Dry Hair: How to Hydrate It?

Dry Hair: how to hydrate it?

Dry hair requires a lot of attention to regain strength and hydration, from using oil to masks for dry hair. It is a very fragile hair type.
Exposed to daily aggressions such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, sea, or heat, hair can tend to dry out. Like your skin, your hair needs to be hydrated and protected.
Discover how to take care of your dry hair and find the most suitable treatments for your hair type.

How to recognize dry hair?

To determine the most suitable treatments for dry hair, it is essential to assess your problem and know your hair type. After a comprehensive diagnosis, you can choose the products that best suit you.
Sometimes it's challenging to tell the difference between damaged and dry hair.

Signs of dry hair:
•    Hair easily tangled
•    Dull hair
•    Split ends
•    Rough hair

Why do I have dry hair?

Dry hair is, above all, hair without sebum.
The causes of sebum deficiency can be multiple: genetics, overexposure to the sea, pool, or sun, or even daily use of a hair straightener or other heating accessories.

How to wash dry hair without damaging it?

To wash dry hair without damaging it, start by spacing out washes as much as possible. In fact, too frequent washing can contribute to the elimination of sebum, which, however, forms a barrier against external aggressions.
Choose a natural shampoo or a cleansing base; either will allow you to wash your hair without stripping the scalp.
If possible, try alternating between two different shampoos so that your hair doesn't get used to a specific product and continues to respond.
Avoid silicone-based shampoos, which tend to mask the problem without treating it completely.
To wash, gently massage the scalp in circular motions to irrigate it properly. Twist the hair before applying the mask and/or conditioner.

Which mask to choose to hydrate dry hair?

For dry hair, the mask is a crucial step to regain shine, flexibility, and hydration.
Apply a hydrating mask once or twice a week after shampoo and conditioner.
Opt for a mask rich in moisturizing active ingredients, such as a keratin mask, shea butter mask, or a homemade moisturizing mask for dry hair. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

How to hydrate dry hair?

In addition to washes, you can apply a day cream for your hair. This will work as a day cream for the face, protecting the hair from external aggressions and nourishing it deeply.
Oil bath is also a great solution for prolonged hair care. You can choose various vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, piki oil, or argan oil; leave it on overnight for maximum results.
Another solution is dietary supplements! They will help nourish dry hair. However, patience is required, as a minimum of 3 months of treatment is needed to see real results.

7 tips to protect dry hair

1.    Prefer natural or moderate heat drying.
2.    If you use straightening, do not exceed 180 degrees; you risk damaging or burning the hair.
3.    Remember to apply a heat protective treatment before using a heating device on the hair.
4.    Avoid all friction and prefer the use of an absorbent towel.
5.    Protect your hair from UV rays with hair products with a UV index, just as you would with your skin.
6.    Use a moisturizing serum daily.
7.    Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar.

Hair Oil Bath
The oil bath is a powerful ritual to nourish and repair dry hair and damaged ends.

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