Tonic Lotion

Tonic Lotion
Tonic Lotion: Why is it Essential?

Tonic Lotion: Why is it Essential?

Tonic Lotion: What is its Purpose?

Often misused or considered "optional," tonic lotion, nevertheless, has many benefits for the skin. "This is a product in itself," insists Mi-Ryung Beilvert, president and founder of Qiriness. "It is used after makeup removal to complete the gentle cleansing of the skin." But the virtues of tonic lotion do not stop there. "It also purifies the epidermis by removing dead skin, allowing the serum or cream to penetrate better and be even more effective," continues our expert. And she adds, "Take a dry sponge. If you try to put detergent on it, it won't penetrate properly. For the product to be well absorbed, the sponge needs to be moistened. Well, with the skin, it's the same! Tonic lotion hydrates the skin to make it more receptive to subsequent care. Filled with water, the skin gains vitality and regains all its radiance.

Using Tonic Lotion in the Morning and Evening?

Yes. If the skin needs to be hydrated at night, after being attacked by makeup or pollution, it should also be cleansed in the morning. "Some women still don't know that our skin secretes sebum and toxins overnight," observes Mi-Ryung Beilvert. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse it before applying your treatments.

Can You Apply Tonic Lotion if You Have Dry or Sensitive Skin?

A few years ago, most toning lotions contained alcohol, which could aggress or dry out the skin. But, faced with new consumer expectations closely examining compositions, more and more brands replace alcohol with plant-based ingredients. "To achieve the feeling of freshness created by alcohol, for example, we use mint or hazelnut whose astringent properties help tighten pores and refine the skin's texture," explains our cosmetology enthusiast.

So, are there no contraindications for sensitive or dehydrated skin? Mi-Ryung Beilvert explains; you just need to choose your lotion according to your skin type.

  • If you have sensitive skin, it is better to favor ingredients such as chamomile extract or camellia oil, which protects the skin so that water does not evaporate." And to add, "Some lotions, like Qiriness Exquisite Lotion, stand out for their gel formulations that can be applied directly with the palm of the hand to avoid rubbing with cotton.

Tonic Lotion and Exfoliation - a Good Combination?

"It is inseparable," says the founder of Qiriness. Before exfoliating, it is imperative that the skin is clean and ready to receive care. I also recommend washing the exfoliant with a lotion, instead of water, to preserve the epidermis as much as possible.

How to Apply Your Tonic Lotion?

  • If applying manually: from the inside out, start spreading the product by lightly tapping the skin and then patting, creating a suction effect to oxygenate the epidermis and allow it to absorb the product well.
  • If applying with a cotton pad: from the inside out, make a light stroke by gently sliding the cotton pad to stimulate the skin without hurting it.

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