White Hair or Mature Hair

How to Have Beautiful Non-Yellowing White Hair?

How to Have Beautiful Non-Yellowing White Hair?

If you have white hair due to age or by choice with hair coloring, white hair requires proper care like any hair color. Even if you embrace them naturally, white hair should still be pampered!

Why are White Hairs Prone to Yellowing?

With age, the production of melanin decreases, causing your hair to turn gray and white. This is the effect of molecules and free radicals responsible for aging. If your hair turns yellow, it's because these free radicals come into contact with pollution, chlorine, etc.

Keep in mind that the absence of melanin has other consequences for the hair, as it becomes weakened (even if it seems thicker and stronger than conventional hair!). Melanin, through pigments, plays a protective role.

Fighting Against Yellowing White Hair

Like very light blondes (platinum blondes), white hair tends to turn yellow over time. Yellowing can occur for various reasons, such as chlorine in the pool, sun exposure, sea, pollution, etc.

Different causes can lead to hair oxidation and, therefore, factors that can yellow them:

  • Tobacco: Smoking introduces harmful substances into your body, which can alter the color of your hair or even your skin.
  • Swimming: Whether it's chlorine in the pool or the sea with very salty water, these are factors that alter gray hair (as well as artificial hair colors).
  • Heat sources: We mainly think of the straightener and curling iron, but it can be the same with very hot hair dryers.

How to Have Beautiful White Hair

Different tips will help you maintain gray hair, but they won't bleach the hair. There is a difference between treating highlights or streaks and going completely from color to white! To bleach, you will need to use a lightening agent.

So, how can you achieve naturally beautiful white hair?

Firstly, you must prevent yellowing with all the maintenance that white hair requires. White hair is naturally more fragile, so you should protect them with hair care, such as masks, conditioner use, hair oil, etc. You can easily use store-bought products, make homemade masks, or recipes with coconut milk, vegetable oils. The idea is to nourish and hydrate the hair fiber to make it less sensitive to external aggressions.

Protecting Gray Hair from Heat

The best is to limit your hair's exposure to heat sources. But if you can't do without it or want to use a styler or curling iron occasionally, I recommend applying an active heat treatment, which can reduce the impact slightly. But make no mistake, the hair still suffers from the heat, so try to reduce the use of these heaters!

Right Care for White Hair in Summer

The sun is an enemy of hair colors because it dries them and also acts as an oxidizing agent, which is why hair becomes lighter in summer. Nothing beats a good hat to protect your hair! Otherwise, there is the equivalent of sunscreen for hair. Hair oil reduces the impact of sunlight on white hair.

In the pool, even if it's not always considered glamorous, the right swim cap protects the hair well from chlorine.

How to Make Gray Hair Look Younger

Despite everything, hair turns yellow. To find out how to remove yellowing from white hair, after testing various methods, I leave natural recipes that you can make at home:

  • Baking Soda for White Hair: Baking soda is an effective treatment to rid gray hair of particles, residues, or pollution that can alter the hair fiber and yellow the hair. I recommend applying baking soda without letting it sit for more than 3 minutes. It opens the hair scales, removes foreign bodies, and helps achieve beautiful white hair.
  • Purple Shampoos to Reduce Yellowing: We will use the same principle of chromatic opposition! To counteract yellowing, purple shampoo balances warm reflections, thanks to cold pigments. You can choose a repigmentation treatment or a shampoo.
  • Repigmentation Treatment: Probably for marketing reasons, there are silver treatments. This may be more comforting when you have white hair, but if you look more closely, the product color will also be purple.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar on White Hair: Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar does not specifically affect white hair. Of course, using it and rinsing will help close the scales and bring shine, but it may not necessarily help make the hair look younger.

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