Men's Hair Removal: Choosing the Right Method

Men's Hair Removal: Choosing the Right Method

No need to showcase a hairy chest to assert your masculinity! As men have embraced hair removal, cosmetic brands offer formulas exclusively for them. Super hydrating shaving gel, depilatory cream, and waxing strips... They have a plethora of choices! Men also have the right to their own care products, formulated exclusively for them. Whether for aesthetic or purely functional reasons, they effectively seek to get rid of abundant or misplaced hair, and the trend is expected to rise in the coming years.


An eternal weapon for busy men who want to look impeccable in just two minutes, shaving has the advantage of being quick and cost-effective. Used by 67% of men who depilate, it's almost automatic for those already accustomed to shaving their faces. However, shaving the torso, back, legs, or armpits requires a good shaving foam enriched with moisturizing active ingredients. Be aware that shaving the body with a blade causes almost immediate regrowth, as cut hair continues to grow, and it becomes thicker. If possible, avoid.

Depilatory Creams and Gels

Used by 37% of men to remove hair, depilatory creams and gels have the same principle as a razor. Easy to spread, the product based on an alkaline agent dissolves hair during the exposure time and washes them away on rinsing. These formulas enriched with moisturizing ingredients are designed to avoid all allergic risks. Note that these products do not act on the root. Hair reappears after 3 days, thicker.

Waxing Strips

This technique is chosen by 32% of men who remove hair. For perfectionist gentlemen, these strips are heated for a few seconds in the hand and applied to the area to be depilated. By removing it quickly (admittedly a bit painful), the hair is pulled out from the root. Regrowth is slower (3 to 4 weeks), and the hair becomes finer. Waxing strips also have their little extra touch: finishing wipes to remove wax residues.

Electric Trimmer, Clipper, Electric Shaver

This concerns 19% of men who remove hair. Economical, practical, and fast, they avoid all risks of cuts even though the effect is the same as a razor. Hair grows back in 3 days, and the effect is not perfect. As for the electric depilator, if the hairs are destroyed at the root with impeccable results, patience is needed because they are treated one by one. It is more suitable for small areas, at the neck, shoulders, or buttocks.

Professional Institutes

These are visited by only 5% of men who remove hair. Mainly done with wax, hair removal is personalized and done professionally.

And what about permanent hair removal for men?

We must admit once and for all: there is no ideal hair removal. For some, hair removal has become a habit, and regular sessions at home are a real task... The only real technique to advise for women continues to be laser hair removal. It treats large body surfaces by removing hair from the root without damaging the skin and with satisfactory results. While laser can remove about 80% of hair, it's not total or permanently capable of overcoming it. It takes between 3 and 4 sessions of 15 to 40 minutes every 2 months or more for hair not to grow anymore. Regarding pain, laser is no more unpleasant than other hair removal methods. We only feel a slight burning when the laser passes. Avoid sessions after returning from vacation or on tanned skin. Consultation with a dermatologist is essential, as only doctors are authorized to work with laser.

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