Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara

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Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara

Máscara de Pestanas Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme

A Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara é a escolha ideal para quem procura volume extremo e pestanas deslumbrantes com apenas algumas aplicações. Com uma fórmula enriquecida com colágeno, esta máscara proporciona um volume colossal sem empelotar. A sua escova dupla ondulada garante a aplicação perfeita e uniforme, alcançando até as menores pestanas desde a raiz até às pontas.

Desfrute de um olhar intenso e dramático durante todo o dia graças à sua longa duração e resistência à transferência. A máscara Colossal Go Extreme é fácil de aplicar e remover, evitando qualquer desconforto. Ideal para todos os tipos de cílios, inclusive os mais curtos e finos, esta máscara transforma instantaneamente o seu visual.

Aproveite para comprar a Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Mascara e realce a beleza dos seus olhos com um volume incomparável. Não perca a oportunidade de ter pestanas volumosas e definidas em poucos segundos!

A marca Maybelline fabrica e vende produtos cosméticos desde 1915. Originalmente especializado para os olhos, ele se espalhou para a pele, olhos e unhas. É vendido em supermercados e, portanto, muito facilmente acessível.

A marca Maybelline foi criada em 1915 por Tom Lyle Williams, após ver sua irmã Maybel maquilhar-se. Ela aplicou carvão e vaselina nos cílios para alongá-los, a receita que inspirou o rímel.

A marca então lançou batons em 1974 e vernizes de unhas em 1977. Maybelline ingressou na Gemey em 1998, o que aumentou sua popularidade. Finalmente, a marca foi comprada pelo grupo L'Oréal em 2001 e se tornou Maybelline New York.

A marca oferece produtos para os olhos reconhecidos há um século, sendo suas máscaras ainda um de seus mais vendidos. Desde então, a marca comercializa cosméticos para maquilhagem completa. Desde 2004, a gama da base Dream continua a ser uma das referências da marca para uma tez uniforme.

Maybelline é conhecida por oferecer cores neutras para combinar com qualquer estilo. Você encontrará paletas em tons nude, outras mais coloridas. Além disso, existem batons com vários tons e acabamentos. Embora exista há mais de cem anos, a Maybelline nunca para de se renovar e seguir as tendências do momento. Na verdade, a marca agora é patrocinadora do Fashion Week e por isso oferece colaborações com grandes estilistas.

Maybelline é uma marca reconhecida no mundo da beleza e de qualidade bem estabelecida. A marca está em constante renovação e oferece produtos alinhados às tendências atuais


How to Properly Apply Your Mascara?

At what point in your beauty routine should you apply mascara? How do you apply it to your lashes? How long can you keep it on? How to remove it properly? Here are all our tips for applying mascara.

How to Use Eye Mascara? Key Tips

Most makeup artists apply mascara after finishing makeup on the skin and eyes. If it smudges, it is advisable to let the smudge dry instead of spreading it. Then, scrape off the mascara with the tip of a dry cotton swab. To optimize mascara fixation, it is recommended to gently apply a little loose powder on the first layer. After drying, we apply a second layer. If you want to limit the cardboard effect of the lashes, it is not recommended to pass the brush more than three times. To avoid getting too thick, make sure there is not too much material on the brush. Avoid touching up on the mascara layer in the morning. It is highly recommended to gently remove the mascara with micellar water, even if it doesn't remove everything, and reapply a new layer.

How to Apply Your Mascara to Optimize Eyelash Volume

To increase eyelash volume, choose a mascara with a thick brush and well-supplied bristles. It is necessary to grip the lashes directly from the root with the brush and then lift them towards the tips with a zigzag motion.

How to Apply Mascara to Curl Lashes

Before applying mascara, use an eyelash curler. Then apply mascara from the root of the lashes to the tip, rotating the brush on itself. For greater precision, stretch the eyelid with your finger, as when drawing a line with eyeliner.

How to Apply Mascara to Lengthen Eyelashes

Before applying mascara, which should have a fairly long brush and be composed of large bristles, you should brush the lashes well using a brush that allows the lashes to be properly separated. The makeup should be finished by removing excess mascara that slipped onto the eyelid. Use a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover to remove the toughest traces near the lashes.

Remove Mascara from Lashes Without Damage

Removing makeup with water is not enough, and cleaning with milk is not always effective. What is the ideal texture? A cleansing oil, as the fatty substance dissolves it more easily. If you don't like the feeling, you can use a two-phase makeup remover, composed of a smaller amount of fatty substance. To avoid pulling out lashes during makeup removal, wet a cotton pad with makeup remover, leave it on the eye for a few seconds, and massage the eyelids with small circular motions.

How to Preserve Your Eye Mascara?

Mascara is the quickest makeup to apply. Makeup artist Bruno Vibert recommends replacing it every two to three months, at most six months! The problem is that it dries very quickly and ends up accumulating. To preserve it, prevent air from entering the tube by avoiding back and forth gestures. When applying it, remove the brush from the tube and put it back when the application is complete. It is recommended to add a drop of rose water with soothing properties to a dried mascara to extend its shelf life for a few weeks.


Foolproof Tips for Eye Makeup

Flawless eye makeup is the cornerstone of a successful beauty look. While beauty mistakes are part of the learning process, they can be easily avoided. Follow these simple tips that will help you become an eye makeup expert!
Before diving into makeup, it's essential to properly prepare the base, i.e., the eye area, brow bone, and eyelids.

Two essential items: concealer and eyeshadow base.

The first is applied with a small brush, only on the ring. Above all, avoid spreading it all over under the eyes, risking creating a whitish halo that would only draw attention where you don't want it, and it can bring out under-eye bags if you have them.

The eyeshadow base, on the other hand, is essential to keep eye makeup in place throughout the day. It smoothens, unifies, and camouflages veins and redness, in short, it's a must in the beauty kit.
It's applied mainly on the eyelid and lower eyelid if you plan to apply color.

Eyebrows, to shape the look well

In recent years, we're going back to full, natural, but well-groomed eyebrows. An eyebrow makeup pencil is a must. Opt for a fine tip with a shade lighter than your eyebrows for a natural effect. Fill in sparse areas by "drawing" hairs with the pencil in the direction of eyebrow growth.

Eyeliners: Master the Art of Drawing

Eyeliner is not always easy to use. To properly trace the lash line, stretch the eyelid outward with your index finger and draw from the inner corner to the outer corner. If you're less skilled, make dots and blend with a brush or a small latex sponge for a natural result. Draw a thin line under the lower lashes for a more intense look.

Play with Eyeshadows

When it comes to enhancing the color of your eyes, choosing the right eyeshadow shade is key to flawless results.

Blue Eyes
If you have blue eyes, opt for neutral, soft, and pale tones like corals and champagnes. Avoid smoky or overly pronounced makeup, which will only make your eyes look heavier.

Green Eyes
If your eyes are green, you don't need colorful eyeshadows to attract attention. A shimmering brown is all you need for the day, while a medium purple is the perfect touch of color for a glamorous night.

Brown Eyes
For brown eyes, opt for metallic tones and pastels. Very dark shadows tend to camouflage the green and gold reflections in irises of various shades. On the other hand, delicate metallic pinks and intense powders intensify and make light brown eyes shine.

Dark Brown Eyes
As for dark brown eyes, almost any color enhances them, but neutral tones like salmon or golden bronze are more than perfect complements. Regardless of the color you choose, blend a touch of black or dark brown in the crease to add more intensity to your look.

How to apply

Regarding color application, using a flat brush, release the color from the center to the sides, emphasizing the outer corner, then blend with a soft-bristle brush. For the evening, add more shadow to the eyelid crease and outer corner. Ideally, the center and inner corner of the eyelid should have a lighter shade to create bright spots that illuminate the eyes.

The Trend is with Long Lashes

Very long lashes are popular! Use a lengthening mascara with a volumizing effect. To make the most of it, apply at least two coats, waiting 30 seconds to a minute between each. Don't skimp: the life of a mascara is only three months!


How to Create the Perfect Makeup Bag?

It's challenging to separate the essential from the superfluous in the makeup department. Discover everything you need to keep in your makeup bag for touch-ups, day or night.


A complexion base (or primer) to apply after the daytime moisturizer and before the foundation. This smoothens and blurs facial imperfections and enhances the foundation's staying power. There are bases for all needs: fixing for makeup setting, illuminating for a radiant complexion, mattifying for combination to oily skin, concealer for camouflaging minor redness...
A foundation to even out the complexion. Whether you prefer liquid, compact, stick, cushion... it doesn't matter, always choose the same color as your skin tone. Apply not necessarily all over the face but only in certain areas to harmonize the complexion.
A concealer to camouflage bags, dark circles, and soften the eye area. Choose according to your skin type: a rather fluid texture for normal skin and a more compact one for dry skin, for example. It should be at least 1 shade lighter than the foundation.
A corrector to eliminate small skin defects like redness, spots, or small blood vessels. Apply with light touches on the affected areas. The choice of the right product relies on its color pigments: green conceals redness, orange conceals blue of dark circles, purple conceals yellowish imperfections.
A loose powder to mattify the complexion and set the makeup all day long. Apply in very small quantities, not all over the face but in certain areas, especially the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin).
Bronzer for a healthy glow in 3 minutes! Choose a quite matte one, without glitter or pearlescent, and apply with a moderate brush on rounded areas of the face (forehead, nose, cheekbones) where the sun naturally tans us first.
A blush, to add a touch of color to the face. Quite pink for fair skin and orange for darker skin. Apply in small strokes on the cheekbones, starting from the apple of the cheek and extending outward. Avoid exaggeration to prevent the 80s makeup effect.


A neutral eyelid primer for better application of eyeshadow, eyeliner, or kohl pencil with longer-lasting fixation. Particularly useful to avoid panda eyes during the day.
An eyeshadow palette to use the colors as desired. You don't need hundreds of different shades; a dozen will do the job very well. The idea is to be able to adjust the eyelid color according to the desired makeup (day or night, for example).
Eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes. Don't hesitate to practice repeatedly in front of the mirror to get the line perfectly aligned with the upper lashes.
A kohl pencil, easier to handle than eyeliner, to apply on the inner side of the eyes, under the lower lashes, or at the root of the upper lashes on the eyelid.
Waterproof mascara to enhance eyelash volume. If there was only one makeup accessory to keep for eye makeup, it would be this. Apply at the end to enlarge and deepen the eyes.


A moisturizer to nourish lips that tend to dry quickly. Apply a layer always before lipstick.
A nude lipstick to enhance the lip color. Its great advantage: it adapts to all looks and all occasions. And since there is not only one nude shade, everyone needs to find theirs.
A colored lipstick to give a highlight and color to your makeup. In terms of color, brunettes can wear absolutely everything, while blondes should avoid very cool or dark tones. And if you're not comfortable with traditional lipstick, you can easily resort to other rouge textures.


A brush to tame eyebrows. If they are already naturally filled, you may not necessarily need to apply makeup, a few touch-ups to give a beautiful shape may be enough.
Colored gel or pencil to easily fill in gaps in eyebrows. The colored gel is ultra-flexible and can be used with an angled brush to better replicate eyebrow hair.
A fixing mascara to keep eyebrows in place all day.

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