Damaged Hair

What Care Should You Choose for Damaged Hair?

What Care Should You Choose for Damaged Hair?

Damaged hair becomes very difficult to comb: very damaged hair is brittle, dull, and challenging to manage. To repair your hair deeply, discover the right care to treat them. Damaged hair: the right steps to take care of your hair.

Causes for Damaged Hair:

• Coloration, permanent, bleaching, excessively aggressive care, pollution, extreme temperatures, or stress and a poor diet. Taking care of damaged hair will be your best ally for recovery, but you also need to adapt your beauty routine.

• Take a break from the hairdryer and straighteners, avoid drying your hair by rubbing it too hard with a towel, and tying it too frequently.

• To help your damaged hair, also consider adopting a healthy lifestyle: a good diet will prevent your scalp from developing deficiencies and prevent poor hair growth.

• Finally, even if it seems radical, don't hesitate to cut: semi-long hair in good shape will always look more beautiful than long hair with dry ends. So, cut a few centimeters and opt for care adapted to damaged hair to save the rest of the hair.

What Masks for Damaged Hair?

For damaged hair, be very careful. Among the most effective hair masks are those made with eggs, avocado, coconut oil, or honey. Natural ingredients often provide maximum moisturizing and very effective fatty agents.

For very damaged hair, pure shea butter is also a very good mask for damaged hair. For optimal efficiency, you can apply your hair mask to dry hair before washing it. Leave it on for at least half an hour, ideally overnight, before washing your hair with a mild shampoo, and then apply a conditioner to let it work for two minutes. Result: soft and light hair without being weighed down by the rich fatty acids of the mask.

Care for Damaged Hair: What Care to Choose?

Among the care for damaged hair, you can use a hair serum. These treatments for dry hair are more concentrated than a shampoo or conditioner and provide quick results.

Above all, serums for damaged hair make it easier to style when it becomes difficult to discipline.

Another solution for very damaged hair: oil baths! Coconut oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil, these vegetable oils applied as a mask are very effective. On dry hair, apply the oil to the lengths and let it act overnight before washing well to remove residues. An unstoppable method if you are looking for a treatment for very damaged hair.

Finally, from choosing the serum to choosing the shampoo, pay attention to the composition. In damaged hair, aggressive care, heavily loaded with collagen, silicone, sulfate, or surfactants should be avoided as much as possible. Natural care to treat damaged hair gently.

A Homemade Mask for Very Damaged Hair

Nothing like a homemade mask to treat damaged or very damaged hair. To make your damaged hair mask, nothing could be simpler:

  • Mash an avocado or banana to make a puree.
  • Mix an egg yolk and a small glass of olive oil.
  • Add the avocado or banana and mix until you get a smooth paste.

When your hair mask is ready, apply it to long hair, massaging gently. Avoid the roots to avoid greasing the hair. Leave for half an hour or overnight to give time for the mask to work. For a silky effect, you can leave the mask under a heated cap. Heat opens the scales and allows the mask to penetrate damaged hair; you will get results very quickly!

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