Versace desodorizant stick Eros

Versace desodorizant stick Eros

Eros da Versace é um desodorizante em stick com protecção duradoura, para homens distintos, com personalidade própria.

Versace, uma marca tipicamente italiana

A história da casa Versace é a de Gianni Versace, um italiano nascido em 1946 que rapidamente descobriu o mundo da alta-costura ao lado de sua mãe. Foi ela quem o treinou e foi assim que começou a trabalhar como estilista freelance. Foi em 1978 que Gianni Versace deixou sua província e foi para Milão para fundar sua própria marca. Foi então nesse mesmo ano que apresentou a sua primeira coleção feminina, a primeira pedra de um edifício que agora se tornou colossal.

O estilo Versace

Não demorou muito para a Versace diversificar. Se a sua primeira coleção foi desenvolvida em 1998, o seu incenso na perfumaria remonta a 1981. Seja na alta costura ou no perfume, a Versace se caracteriza pelo uso de ingredientes cuidadosamente selecionados. Os produtos Versace também costumam homenagear a Itália. Eles nos imergem em um universo muito mediterrâneo. Portanto, embora a Versace tenha experimentado uma incrível expansão comercial em todo o mundo, ela nunca se esqueceu de suas origens.

Versace, uma marca marcada por uma tragédia

Se a Versace já recuperou suas cartas de nobreza, observe que a marca parou no final dos anos 90, após o assassinato de seu fundador, Gianni Versace, em 15 de julho de 1997 em Miami. A maioria das essências oferecidas pela Versace hoje tem um temperamento muito forte. Seus perfumes para homem são muito carismáticos. Seus perfumes para mulher, por sua vez, na maioria das vezes nos dão a imagem de femme fatales assumindo plenamente sua sensualidade.

Os perfumes Versace distinguem-se pela sensualidade, que engrandecem a personalidade das mulheres e homens que os usam.

São desejados por mulheres e homens em voga preocupados com a sua imagem, elegantes e exigentes.

Os frascos são obras de arte finamente trabalhadas, com atenção constante aos detalhes. Eles destacam o emblema da Medusa ou são inspirados em pedras preciosas.

Deodorant and Body Spray

How to Choose Your Deodorant?

How to Choose Your Deodorant?

We can say that perspiration is a necessary evil because it regulates body temperature, but it can also be the source of unpleasant odors. Fortunately, deodorants exist. However, according to needs and skin sensitivity, you still need to know how to choose the one that suits you best.

1) Deodorant or Antiperspirant?

First, you need to differentiate between deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorants exist to disguise the odors of perspiration, limiting the proliferation of bacteria responsible for these odors. Antiperspirants block and limit the secretion of perspiration by acting on the sweat glands. If you suffer from intense sweating, opt for antiperspirants that will be more effective than simple "odor disguises."

2) With or Without Aluminum Salts?

Most deodorants contain aluminum salts because they play an antiperspirant role. There has been controversy regarding the health risks of these salts, but no study has categorically proven the link between cancer and aluminum salts.

3) Stick or Spray, Each Has Its Advantages

Between the stick or the spray, it's all a matter of personal choice. Sticks have a much higher concentration of aluminum salts and are more effective than sprays. However, sprays provide a much more intense feeling of freshness than a simple stick.

4) Deodorant, Beware of Skin Intolerance

If you have sensitive skin, be careful with deodorants. They usually contain alcohol, perfumes, and antiseptics that can dry out or even irritate your skin. Always read the list of compounds to ensure the right product for your sensitivity.

Body and bath products for men

Hygiene Products Every Man Should Have

Hygiene Products Every Man Should Have

Hygiene and beauty are no longer exclusive to women. Men have embraced self-care and advocate for the right to benefit from cosmetic products specially crafted for their skin and body. For those who care about their appearance, here are the key hygiene products every man should have.

Shower Gel

Now, it's possible to reveal your personality in the shower. Invigorating, soothing, relaxing, natural, fascinating... brands compete for innovations that appeal to "men." And it works! Men understand that the beauty of the skin begins with proper cleansing. They are easily won over by 2-in-1 products that rival those intended for women. Now, men also have the right to their exfoliating and moisturizing shower gel for "sensitive and special" skin.


To combat perspiration and unpleasant odors, the number one weapon is, of course, deodorant! If there's a hygiene product widely used by men, it's this. It's essential to maintain freshness and hygiene. Whether in roll-on or spray form, deodorants also receive meticulous care. The goal is to find an effective deodorant that doesn't dry out the skin and smells good.


In addition to a healthy lifestyle, facial and body hydration are two essential conditions for radiant and healthy skin. Men have understood this and no longer hesitate to apply a moisturizer specially developed for the specificity of their skin. Cream, lotion, gel, balm, oil... Once again, brands offer an increasingly extensive range of moisturizers for men.


Daily Hygiene: Essential Products for Good Body Care

Daily Hygiene: Essential Products for Good Body Care

Personal hygiene is a crucial part of our daily routine, contributing significantly to our comfort and overall health. Unlike historical times when bathing was considered unsanitary, today, maintaining daily hygiene is a common practice. To cater to all your daily hygiene needs, explore our extensive selection of care products and accessories!

What is Personal Hygiene?

Personal hygiene encompasses daily actions such as handwashing, hair washing, body cleansing, and dental care. Whether it's a quick routine for those on-the-go or a relaxation ritual for others, maintaining good personal hygiene has become a habit. Complete personal hygiene includes:

  • Body washing
  • Hair washing
  • Face washing
  • Handwashing
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail care

Each of these routines should be performed regularly based on the type of care and specific needs, considering factors like dermatological profile or hair type.

Why Practice Personal Hygiene?

Surprisingly, the importance of daily hygiene habits has historical roots. Over time, the proliferation of diseases has been directly linked to hygiene habits and access to water. Washing is crucial to:

  • Prevent the spread of diseases
  • Prevent inflammation and irritation by combating the proliferation of germs
  • Combat body odor
  • Enable the skin to defend against potential pathogens

How Often Should You Maintain Good Hygiene?

The frequency of washing hair, body, or face depends on skin condition, climate, and health. General guidelines include:

  • Bathing: Once a day, for a maximum of 15 minutes. Water should not be too hot to avoid weakening the skin's hydrolipidic film.
  • Hair washing: 1 to 4 times a week, depending on hair type.
  • Face washing: Twice a day, in the morning and at night.
  • Teeth brushing: 2 to 3 times a day, after the main meals.
  • Nail cleaning: Daily, as soon as impurities accumulate.

These are general indications; adapt them to your needs!

The Best Daily Hygiene Products for Effective Cleansing

There are numerous products for body, skin, hair, and teeth. A variety of formulas cater to all skin types, hair types, and specific health needs. Choose from:

Gels, foaming cleansers, oils, or creams - the range of body products for bathing is extensive:

  • Mild cleansing gel suitable for the face and body care of the entire family.
  • Dry skin gel, for use in case of dry skin, to protect the natural hydrolipidic film of the epidermis.
  • Bath oils, suitable for dry or atopic skin, with a soap-free formulation that cleans and protects naturally fragile skin.
  • Bar soap, practical and easy to use, available in traditional or "soap-free" versions for dry skin.

Enhance hygiene with cleansing products and a good bubble bath. The bathing moment is a precious relaxation time for many people.

For enjoyable moments and to provide your skin with products tailored to its needs, choose:

  • Bath foams with delightful fragrances that will give your bath a creamy texture and invite relaxation.
  • Bath oils, designed to neutralize the drying action of limestone and give those with fragile skin (especially babies and those with atopic skin) the chance to enjoy a good bath without feeling their skin tighten.
  • Fragrant and effervescent bath bombs that will envelop you in sparkling bubbles and leave your skin soft.
  • Bath salts with many virtues, softening, remineralizing, or even relaxing for the joints.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants to Ward Off Body Odor

Body odor due to sweat fermentation on the skin can be particularly embarrassing and a source of social discomfort. Choose from spray, stick, roll-on, with or without aluminum, 100% natural, or with original fragrances:

  • Deodorant: Odor-neutralizing and a beauty accessory, deodorant conceals body odors and reduces their intensity by limiting bacterial proliferation responsible for their production.
  • Foot deodorant: Under exertion, our feet remain confined all day in closed shoes and face the humid environments of baths or pools. It happens that they become a source of unpleasant odors due to sweat maceration. Foot deodorants act by preventing perspiration emission and camouflaging it, just like traditional deodorants applied to the armpits. They are adapted to the specific environment of the feet and their thicker skin.
  • Antiperspirant: While deodorant conceals, antiperspirant acts at the source by preventing sweat release and maintaining a dry environment where bacteria cannot proliferate.

Perfect Ears and Nose with Proper Care

Ears and the nose are often overlooked in our daily care! However, they are true gateways to our body. Special attention should be given to them by performing gentle yet effective interventions to remove impurities without attacking their fragile mucous membrane:

  • For nose hygiene: Dry nose, stuffy nose due to a dust-rich environment. Take care of the cleanliness and health of your nose using a natural nasal spray, saline solution to unclog the nostrils, and why not, use tweezers to get rid of unsightly nose hairs.
  • For ear hygiene: Our fragile pinnae protect themselves from attacks, especially through wax production. Useful in small quantities, accumulated wax can, however, be a source of irritation or even earwax plugs. To get rid of it, use a cotton swab at the entrance of the ear and dilute this unwanted "wax" with an ear spray.

Caring for the Skin on Your Hands

Hands are the main vectors of diseases; it's no wonder that handwashing is one of the first hygiene practices taught to children! Hands are our main tools in daily life, coming into contact with many objects: doorknobs, mobile phones, toilets, computer keyboards. So many germ nests, vectors of potential diseases!

After using the bathroom, before eating, but also after using public transport, make sure to wash your hands with due care. Both to protect yourself and to safeguard the health of vulnerable people around you!

Practical and intelligent daily hygiene products:

  • Hand soap: In the form of bar soap or pump dispenser, hand soaps are available in all public places! In all textures (foam, oil, gel) and fragrances, they combine hygiene and sensory pleasure.
  • Disinfectant gel: It's not always easy to have a sink and soap nearby! To ensure hand hygiene in all situations (especially in public transport or during an epidemic), make sure to keep a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel in your bag or desk drawer, which will eliminate a large portion of bacteria present on your hands and give you an intense feeling of freshness.
  • Antiseptic wipes: Practical and easy to use, wipes moistened with antiseptic solution are your allies against germs. They allow you to quickly wash your hands and feet.

Products and accessories designed to facilitate your hygiene ritual are immense. Simplify your life!

Make your physical hygiene a true pleasure every day!

Essential for your health and comfort, good daily personal hygiene is fundamental to your well-being. Easy to set up and transformed into a true relaxation ritual thanks to the vast range of existing skin products, daily hygiene is now a source of comfort and pleasure. Choose the formulas and accessories that correspond to your desires and needs!

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