Sebastian Dark Oil

Óleo de styling evanescente que repôe de dentro para fora, suaviza a cutícula e adiciona textura. Formulado com óleos de Argan, Sândalo e Cedro, Dark Oil protege os fios contra os danos dos raios UV... O óleo é absorvido em segundos graças a Tecnologia DiffusX que não deixa resíduos no cabelo, apenas seu efeito maravilhoso e durador. Absorvido em segundos, suaviza por até 48h.

Sebastian Professional é uma marca de cabeleireiros fundada em Los Angeles na década de 1970 por Geri Cusenza e John Sebastian, a Sebastian Professional nasceu da vontade de fazer do cabeleireiro uma arte. Desde o início, para os seus dois fundadores, tratou-se de seguir até ao fim a sua ambição artística e de criar constantemente novas possibilidades de expressão. Marca profissional criada por profissionais, Sebastian Professional está na origem dos produtos mais inovadores e dos looks mais icônicos das últimas décadas. É a Geri Cuzenca e John Sebastian que devemos o primeiro vídeo-treinamento para cabeleireiros, anunciando hoje os treinamentos online que ajudam os profissionais a sempre aperfeiçoar sua arte. É a eles que devemos o ferro dentado, base dos penteados de toda uma geração, o Celofanes, a primeira cor semipermanente do mundo, e os Laminados, produto à base de silicone que confere brilho incomparável aos cabelos. Outros produtos emblemáticos marcaram esses quarenta anos de inovação e ousadia, como o Shaper, o primeiro spray de remodelação universal adequado para todos os estilos de cabelo. Em termos de aparência, Geri Cuzenca e John Sebastian foram igualmente pioneiros. Inspirando-se nas ruas ou nos quatro cantos do mundo, eles moldaram antes de outros o look grunge até as raízes, dreadlocks ou mesmo o efeito “cabelo molhado”. Desde o seu início, Sebastian Profesionnal oferece aos cabeleireiros e estilistas produtos inovadores e técnicas revolucionárias. Chegou a sua vez de adotar esses produtos lendários usados ​​nas passarelas de todo o mundo e nos mais prestigiosos fotógrafos para fazer do seu penteado uma verdadeira obra de arte, sempre mais inovadora, sempre mais pessoal.

Sunscreen for Hair

How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun (and Why)?

It's important to protect your skin from the sun, but don't forget about your hair! Here are some tips to keep your hair looking beautiful.

If everyone knows more or less that it's necessary to protect the skin from UV rays, it's not the same when it comes to hair protection. Changing color, split ends, porous lengths. Here are some tips to keep your mermaid hair during the holidays!

Why Protect Your Hair from the Sun?

If UV can cause significant damage to the epidermis, you can imagine that it can also be very harmful to the hair!
Indeed, they penetrate deep into the hair fiber and sensitize the lengths, damaging the keratin. As a result, the hair breaks more easily, loses shine, and becomes rough like straw!
And it's even worse for colored hair that, already damaged by various chemical processes, is even less resistant to the sun's rays and literally burns.
Since sunny days are often accompanied by very aggressive exposure to salt, sand, or chlorine, it's also important to remember to repair the hair after each prolonged exposure to minimize damage.
Yes, even if the hair shaft is biologically dead, it's important to take care of it to avoid having to cut it all off!

How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun?

Use a specific care to protect your hair from the sun
Don't panic, protecting your hair from the sun is not complicated at all and doesn't excessively prolong a beauty routine!
Every morning, on dry hair, apply a special care with UV filters, in addition to a high level of protection. Depending on your hair type, choose a mist (lighter) or an oil (richer) to protect your lengths from the sun.
 If you engage in water sports or might end up in the water, some products offer protection against salt and chlorine. As with sunscreen, don't hesitate to reapply regularly.
 In terms of protection, the best is never the enemy of the good!

Protect your hair from the sun with a suitable shampoo.
Once at home, it happens in the shower!
Hair already attacked by the sun and external elements offers a moment of relaxation with a gentle shampoo to remove the oil and a repairing mask to strengthen the lengths.
Don't perform this ritual every day: twice a week is more than enough. On the rest of the week, if needed, just wash your hair with clean water, not too hot or too cold. If your hair is very dry, don't hesitate to provide a vegetable oil bath to nourish it deeply. One night a week, before going to bed, cover the lengths with oil and make a cap. The next morning, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You'll see that your hair will have gained in softness and shine!


Sun Protection Products: Choose a Safe and Effective Product!

Without the protection of clothing and effective sunscreen, prolonged exposure to the sun can be risky.

Which Sunscreen Product to Choose?

Always check the instructions on the product label!
Sun protection products (creams, gels, oils, or sprays) are cosmetic products intended to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun (UVA and UVB) when applied according to the instructions provided on the packaging.
However, it is wrong to believe that these products offer complete sun protection and allow you to stay exposed for longer. Caution should be exercised in terms of time and duration of exposure.

UVA, UVB, Make the Difference!

Tanning is a skin defense reaction that opposes a filter to the penetration of solar radiation. But this filter does not have unlimited capacity.
Solar radiation is composed, among other things, of ultraviolet B rays (UVB rays) and ultraviolet A rays (UVA rays). "Sunburn" is mainly caused by UVB rays. UVA rays are responsible for premature skin aging.
UVB rays are the main factor in skin cancer, while UVA rays play a significant role in its appearance.

Different Types of Sun Protection: Which to Choose?

There are two main categories of sun protection offered by cosmetics, depending on the nature of the filters and their mode of action; all must be expressly authorized by regulations:
•    Organic or chemical filters that act by absorbing UV radiation;
•    Mineral filters, namely titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which act by reflecting UV rays: they do not penetrate the epidermis;
•    Organic or inorganic filters may be present in nanometric form. The [nano] mention must then be added to the name of the substance in the mandatory list of ingredients on the packaging.
•    These different filters, chemical or mineral, nano or not, can be combined by manufacturers to optimize efficiency.

Sunscreen Products, Protection Level: Read the Label!

Against UVB rays: the sun protection factor (SPF) or protection index (IP) is an essential criterion of choice. It corresponds to the delaying effect of the product in relation to sun aggression.
The product category followed by a number corresponding to the "sun protection factor (SPF)" is used to assess its effectiveness. The higher the SPF, the greater the photoprotective action.
The European Commission proposed grouping sun protection factors to keep only eight different numbers on labels. However, not all labeling has been changed, and old sun protection factors are sometimes retained.

Note: Claims like "full screen" or "total protection" should not be used. Although common, they are false because no sun product offers complete protection against ultraviolet radiation.
The European Commission defined, in its recommendation of September 22, 2006, the labeling rule for sunscreens. Taken from this recommendation, the table below specifies the correspondences between categories and sun protection factors:

Sun Protection Factors

Low protection    6-10
Medium protection    15-20-25
High protection    30-50
Very high protection    50+

Against UVA rays: check if your sunscreen has, in addition to the SPF, the UVA logo. This is the guarantee of ideal protection against ultraviolet rays.

Note: This logo is not mandatory but recommended and used by many professionals. Other mentions or indications regarding protection against UVA rays may, however, appear on the packaging.
Some "conventional" media insist on the existence of so-called controversial ingredients in sun products.
Remember that sunscreens can only contain UV filters authorized by cosmetic regulations (about thirty) because they are assessed as risk-free for human health. Exposing yourself to the sun without any protection, however, is dangerous.
Consumers are advised to read labels and inquire about the composition of the products they purchase, especially if they have special ethical or environmental requirements or a history of sensitivity to certain substances.

Usage Tips
The National Union of Dermatologists has published the 10 precautions to be taken against the harmful effects of the sun:
•    The best protection is clothing for everyone (especially children): hat, sunglasses, shirt.
•    Babies and young children should not be exposed to direct sunlight;
•    Sunburns are dangerous, especially in children;
•    Avoid direct exposure between 12:00 and 4:00 PM
•    Sun exposure should be gradual;
•    Sand, snow, water can reflect more than half of the sun's rays on your skin;
•    Your sunscreen, anti-UVB and anti-UVA, should be renewed every two hours and after each bath, regardless of its protection index;
•    Use sunscreen suitable for your skin type;
•    Sunscreen is not intended to increase the exposure time;
•    In altitude and in the tropics, it is necessary to increase the sun protection index of the product usually used.

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