Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Batom Revlon Super Lustrous

Descubra o Batom Revlon Super Lustrous, uma verdadeira joia para os seus lábios. Este batom combina suavidade e cor intensa, proporcionando um acabamento cremoso e de longa duração. Com uma fórmula enriquecida com vitaminas e agentes hidratantes, ele garante lábios macios e nutridos durante todo o dia. Seja para uma reunião importante, um encontro especial ou apenas para elevar o seu look diário, o Batom Revlon Super Lustrous é a escolha perfeita.

Disponível em uma ampla gama de tons vibrantes, desde os clássicos nudes até os vermelhos mais ousados, este batom atende a todos os gostos e ocasiões. Sua aplicação é fácil e precisa, graças à sua textura suave e ao design ergonômico da embalagem. Além disso, a tecnologia de micro-pigmentos garante cores ricas e duradouras que resistem ao desgaste diário.

Transforme seus lábios em uma obra de arte com o Batom Revlon Super Lustrous. Não perca a oportunidade de experimentar este produto excepcional e adicione-o ao seu carrinho agora mesmo!

Fundada em 1932, a marca Revlon rapidamente se especializou em produtos cosméticos de alta qualidade. E foi com a criação da primeira linha de vernizes de unhas de longa duração que a Revlon ganhou notoriedade. Ao longo dos anos, a Revlon adicionará diferentes produtos à sua oferta, começando com o batom em 1940 e depois uma linha de maquilhagem mais completa durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Uma das cinco maiores empresas americanas de cosméticos no final da guerra, a marca vai continuar a desenvolver-se, diversificando a sua actividade e alargando o seu âmbito, nomeadamente através da aquisição de várias empresas. A partir do final da década de 1950, a empresa passou a comercializar seus produtos no exterior. Em 1962, quando estreou no Japão, as subsidiárias da marca já existiam na França, Itália, Argentina, México e Ásia. A sublimação das mulheres contando com uma rede de freelancers está no centro das preocupações da marca Revlon. Ao longo dos anos, a linha da Revlon cresceu, notadamente por meio da aquisição da Elizabeth Arden, uma empresa americana especializada em cremes anti-envelhecimento e perfumes.
Na década de 1970, a Revlon lançou a linha de fragrâncias Charlie. Em 1975, a marca foi ainda recompensada por ser a primeira fragrância do mundo!
Especializada em produtos de maquilhagem, acessórios de beleza, cuidados com o rosto e corpo, perfumes, mas também produtos para os cabelos, em particular tintas usadas por muitos profissionais, a marca Revlon foi construída em torno de uma visão de beleza baseada no glamour, entusiasmo e inovação, por meio de produtos de alta qualidade vendidos a preços acessíveis.


How to Choose Your Lipstick?

Wonderful ally of beauty, the lipstick. This small tube concentrated in pigments that, since a young age, represents the undisputed symbol of femininity. When we were little, we liked to play with the red lipstick with the smell of red powder at the bottom of our grandmother's bag; today, we wonder which shade, among the thousands, is the most suitable for us. In honor of Lipstick Day, we reveal all our tips.

If there were few shades and textures of lipstick several years ago, today cosmetic brands are doubling their inventiveness, offering rich and varied collections each season. Matte or satin texture, pink or fuchsia, burgundy or orange, depending on the complexion or hair color, it is not always easy to know which one suits us best. Under the advice of Olivier Echaudemaison, creative director of Guerlain, passionate about lipsticks and femininity, we take stock of the few rules to follow to find the perfect model.

Matt or Shiny?

Satin or matte? That is an existential question that originated long hours of hesitation in front of the makeup department (we've all been there). In fact, if you choose one or the other, it's not a matter of bad taste, unless you take into account two essential parameters. First, it is not recommended to choose a matte texture if you have small wrinkles. Then comes the "morphological" factor, the shape of your mouth. "Women with thin lips should banish matte lipsticks. Without shine, these textures harden lines and stain the face. It's not graceful. You need to opt for shiny and satin lipsticks, which will bring relief," explains Olivier Echaudemaison before adding, "Only full and pouty lips can afford to wear matte." Precious revelations that should shorten your thought the next time you are in total hesitation.

With My Hair, Can I Do Whatever I Want?

Are there lipstick colors that work better for blondes and others for brunettes, as the legend goes? To this question, our expert brings an unexpected answer: "To tell the truth, today there are no more blondes and brunettes. Women dare to pretend to be blondes, cut their hair, change color regularly, which distorts the notion of the "real" hair color. So, the choice of lipstick shade is quite free. If you are facing a real blonde, the skin is usually pale and slightly rosy, we prefer apricot, peach, and cherry tones in the evening. Dark skin can afford more eccentricity in terms of color, so we use plum, raspberry, and dark red." Today, lipstick should be seen as an accessory that you wear with your clothes, not with your hair. If we wear brown, we will avoid plum, for example, and with a beautiful black dress, we will not hesitate to show off a beautiful red or fuchsia pink," adds the great makeup artist.

When the Mouth Ages

 "You don't have the same mouth at 20 as you do at 60," Olivier Echaudemaison said. So far, nothing too surprising, except that we tend to forget that we should also take this parameter into account when choosing our lipstick. An important first rule to respect: do not use nude after 50/60 years. Anyway, that's what the creative director of Guerlain advises us, specifying "as we age, the skin becomes duller, loses its shine, and the mouth becomes less colorful. When you are young, lips are naturally pink. So, putting on nude lipstick when you're in your fifties is, in my opinion, a big mistake." On the other hand, when it comes to bright colors and contrary to what is thought (if you are a little reactive), there is no age limit. Yes, bright red, raspberry pink, or pop orange, at 20 or 60 years old, and if applied correctly, you can dare. Finally, to avoid as much as possible that the small wrinkles that appear on the lips with age are visible, we prefer creamy-textured lipsticks rather than matte ones. An effective way not to be confronted with the (very) ugly earthy and "cracked" effect offered by certain models with a matte finish.

Day and Night

You will say that this rule is outdated, it is not quite so. It is indeed appropriate to make a difference between the lipstick you wear during the day and the one you wear at night (and even at night if you are in good shape...). If today it is not really a question of colors and brighter tones are very well tolerated during the day, we still need to be more generous with the intensity. Indeed, unless it's in the middle of summer, the places we go at night are lit with artificial light, and the mouth is erased, and the color disappears. So, don't be afraid to exaggerate your favorite lipstick when you're going for a night out.

To Wear or Not to Wear Lipstick

"A woman who doesn't wear lipstick is missing something," is what the passionate Olivier Echaudemaison directly asserts. "Lipstick gives shine to the face, sparkles in the eyes, redraws an ideal mouth and is the only makeup tool, like nail polish, that allows you to really have fun, play like when we were kids. It's crazy to say that you can have a bright pink, orange, or ruby red mouth." He adds.
And for those who don't want to put color on their mouth? In that case, the creative director of Guerlain advises choosing a very discreet lipstick in beige or pink tones, to create a little relief and splendor. In short, if you've decided not to put anything on your mouth at sunrise, quickly run to give a touch of almond pink or sugary.


Makeup for Every Lip Shape

An irresistible smile with a perfect outline is a good beginning of seduction.
Learn how to apply makeup to your lips according to their shape.

There are 3 main families of lipsticks, and each requires specific application.

•    Mattes: Start by applying a moisturizing balm to nourish the lips, let it sit for 10 minutes, and remove the excess with a tissue. Then apply a single layer of lipstick to maintain lip volume.

•    Satin Finish: Often creamier, these shades are applied with a brush for a perfect contour and enhanced lip volume.

•    Shiny: Apply a first layer of lipstick, then by hand, take a bit of lipstick material and pat it on the center of the lip to add even more volume.

My Lips Are Thin

Makeup tips from Agnes B.:

Outline a thin line slightly beyond the natural lip contour with a lip pencil in the color of your lips or slightly lighter than the lipstick shade.
Opt for bright, iridescent, and light reds to accentuate lip volume. Dark shades tend to accentuate lip thinness.

My Lips Are Full

Makeup tips from Agnes B.:

Apply a thin layer of foundation all over the mouth and dust with powder. Draw a pencil line inside the natural lip border.
Apply a matte and fairly dark red to reduce volume.
Avoid bright, vivid, pearlescent, or shiny colors.

My Upper Lip Is Flat

Makeup tips from Agnes B.

Using a brush tip, apply a corrective base on the upper lip, drawing a new rounded contour at the heart of the lip.
Then, spray the lips and add definition using a lip liner in the natural lip color.
Apply your lipstick.

My Lips Are Uneven

Makeup tips from Agnes B.

Using a brush tip, draw a regular shape using a corrective base.
Spray the mouth, draw the desired shape with a pencil around the lips, fill in, and apply lipstick.

My Lips Are Drooping

Makeup tips from Agnes B.

Camouflage the drooping corners with a touch of concealer at each corner. Rectify the line with a pencil from the lower lip to rise slightly towards the upper lip.
Observe the upper corners with the pencil by drawing an upward line.
Fill in with a pencil and apply lipstick.

The Art of Lip Liner

To successfully draw the pencil, work carefully and slowly to get perfectly symmetrical lines.
Always start by drawing the center of the upper lip in a rounded shape, the "Cupid's bow".
Draw the outer angles, starting from the corners.
Finally, draw the lower lip. Finish with the outer angles of the lower lip, starting from the corners.

Professional Tips for Beautiful Lips

The lip liner is the essential ally for drawing or redrawing the lips. It is the essential tool to emphasize the shape of the lips and prevent color from smudging. Choose the shade closest to the natural color of your lips or a shade below red.


How to Create the Perfect Makeup Bag?

It's challenging to separate the essential from the superfluous in the makeup department. Discover everything you need to keep in your makeup bag for touch-ups, day or night.


A complexion base (or primer) to apply after the daytime moisturizer and before the foundation. This smoothens and blurs facial imperfections and enhances the foundation's staying power. There are bases for all needs: fixing for makeup setting, illuminating for a radiant complexion, mattifying for combination to oily skin, concealer for camouflaging minor redness...
A foundation to even out the complexion. Whether you prefer liquid, compact, stick, cushion... it doesn't matter, always choose the same color as your skin tone. Apply not necessarily all over the face but only in certain areas to harmonize the complexion.
A concealer to camouflage bags, dark circles, and soften the eye area. Choose according to your skin type: a rather fluid texture for normal skin and a more compact one for dry skin, for example. It should be at least 1 shade lighter than the foundation.
A corrector to eliminate small skin defects like redness, spots, or small blood vessels. Apply with light touches on the affected areas. The choice of the right product relies on its color pigments: green conceals redness, orange conceals blue of dark circles, purple conceals yellowish imperfections.
A loose powder to mattify the complexion and set the makeup all day long. Apply in very small quantities, not all over the face but in certain areas, especially the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin).
Bronzer for a healthy glow in 3 minutes! Choose a quite matte one, without glitter or pearlescent, and apply with a moderate brush on rounded areas of the face (forehead, nose, cheekbones) where the sun naturally tans us first.
A blush, to add a touch of color to the face. Quite pink for fair skin and orange for darker skin. Apply in small strokes on the cheekbones, starting from the apple of the cheek and extending outward. Avoid exaggeration to prevent the 80s makeup effect.


A neutral eyelid primer for better application of eyeshadow, eyeliner, or kohl pencil with longer-lasting fixation. Particularly useful to avoid panda eyes during the day.
An eyeshadow palette to use the colors as desired. You don't need hundreds of different shades; a dozen will do the job very well. The idea is to be able to adjust the eyelid color according to the desired makeup (day or night, for example).
Eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes. Don't hesitate to practice repeatedly in front of the mirror to get the line perfectly aligned with the upper lashes.
A kohl pencil, easier to handle than eyeliner, to apply on the inner side of the eyes, under the lower lashes, or at the root of the upper lashes on the eyelid.
Waterproof mascara to enhance eyelash volume. If there was only one makeup accessory to keep for eye makeup, it would be this. Apply at the end to enlarge and deepen the eyes.


A moisturizer to nourish lips that tend to dry quickly. Apply a layer always before lipstick.
A nude lipstick to enhance the lip color. Its great advantage: it adapts to all looks and all occasions. And since there is not only one nude shade, everyone needs to find theirs.
A colored lipstick to give a highlight and color to your makeup. In terms of color, brunettes can wear absolutely everything, while blondes should avoid very cool or dark tones. And if you're not comfortable with traditional lipstick, you can easily resort to other rouge textures.


A brush to tame eyebrows. If they are already naturally filled, you may not necessarily need to apply makeup, a few touch-ups to give a beautiful shape may be enough.
Colored gel or pencil to easily fill in gaps in eyebrows. The colored gel is ultra-flexible and can be used with an angled brush to better replicate eyebrow hair.
A fixing mascara to keep eyebrows in place all day.

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