Bath salts, bath bombs, etc.

Bath salts, bath bombs, etc.

All About the Benefits of Bath Salts

We hear a lot about salt, including its health drawbacks when consumed in very large quantities in our diet. But it doesn't stop there because this natural ingredient has other, more than interesting, facets, particularly the cosmetic and well-being benefits of bath salts, as well as their various uses. Let's try to explain everything you need to know about bath salts.

Composition and Properties of Bath Salts

Guérande salt, Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, coarse and flavored salt. Salts are rich in minerals and trace elements. Sources of potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bath salts provide well-being and relaxation. In fact, their properties are numerous! Depending on the desired effect, they are used in full-body or foot baths. Otherwise, it's also possible to make a poultice or even exfoliate the area in question.

Main Salts and Their Cosmetic Virtues:

• Dead Sea salt. With its high concentration of minerals (potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, bromine), it is known for its soothing properties. Uncomfortable skin particularly likes it, whether to treat skin problems, relieve itching, or aid in healing, its effectiveness is certain! • Epsom salt. Rich in magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and relaxant. Ideal for your relaxing baths, it relaxes your muscles and joints. Here's an example: ANAE Epsom Salt. • Himalayan pink salt. Source of minerals and trace elements, it is known for its detoxifying and regenerating power. It is also a powerful stress reliever. In short, it provides relaxation and remineralization to your body. The Benefits of Bath Salts for the Skin The basis of bath salts is their mineralizing aspect. Indeed, they strengthen and contribute to the good health of the skin, maintaining an effective production of collagen to slow down the signs of aging. Bath salts can help firm up, combating the appearance of cellulite. In general, they maintain the dynamism of the skin, strengthening and stimulating it. Additionally, mechanically, bath salts are excellent cleansing products. In fact, the grains participate in a natural exfoliation of the skin, enabling the elimination of dead cells. Thus, bath salts cleanse the skin, giving it more radiance and light. So, they have a remarkable ability to treat skin problems and soothe the most uncomfortable. The targets are atopic, eczematous, and psoriasis-prone skin. They relieve inflammation, itching, and aid in healing. They are, therefore, cherished friends of irritated skin. But not only that! Spotted or acne-prone skin, or even those that sweat a lot (like athletes), likes bath salts because their antimicrobial action purifies, limiting the proliferation of bacteria.

The Virtues of Bath Salts in the Body

Physically speaking, bath salts promote muscle and joint relaxation. They act by relaxing and relieving pain related to joints and tensions (cramps, arthritis, rheumatism, stiffness). In short, they help the body relax and, mixed into your body bath, are a delight! Additionally, they are detoxifying, promote drainage, and relieve heavy legs. Therefore, it's ideal to use them in foot baths when you have circulatory problems or even water retention to relieve the legs. Finally, they give volume and shine to your hair; so, don't hesitate to immerse your head in the water during the bath ritual!

The Benefits of Bath Salts on the Mind

Bath salts act not only on our physical state but also on our internal well-being. In fact, bath salts have a positive ability to restore a certain tranquility. For some symptoms, for example, stress, anxiety attacks, insomnia, bath salts can help alleviate them and have a calming and liberating role in the mind, which can also facilitate sleep.

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