Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion

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Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion

Smoothing Lotion da Moroccanoil é uma loção multiusos para ajudar a controlar e suavizar o cabelo rebelde e encrespado e reduzir o volume do cabelo. Esta fórmula leve foi enriquecido com as propriedades hidratantes do óleo de argão, manteiga de argão, Vitamina E e ácidos gordos para aumentar a suavidade e deixar o cabelo manejável.

Elogiado em salões de beleza do outro lado do Atlântico, melhor amigo das estrelas americanas, Moroccan Oil é uma linha de produtos para os cabelos e o corpo à base de óleo de argan. Pelo nome, esta marca sugere que é produzida em Marrocos, embora seja israelita ... Os produtos Moroccanoil são fontes de nutrição e suavidade para o cabelo e a pele.

A utilização de óleos nutritivos combinados com fragrâncias florais garantem um cuidado de qualidade para todos os tipos de cabelo e pele.

Conheça esta marca Moroccanoil, hoje essencial, que sem dúvida fará os seus sentidos viajarem.
A co-fundadora da Moroccanoil, Carmen Tal, estava viajando a quilômetros de casa quando, depois de uma coloração ruim, experimentou o poderoso Moroccan Oil Treatment. Depois de testemunhar a transformação instantânea de seu cabelo danificado, que se tornou brilhante, macio e gerenciável, ela começou sua busca para compartilhar a magia deste tratamento de cabelo com óleo de argan com todas as mulheres em todo o mundo. mundo, podemos ler no site que continua, apresentando-se como um “pioneiro do setor”: “O que começou como um produto revolucionário, na origem de uma nova categoria na indústria do beauty, se desenvolveu em uma linha completa de produtos para o corpo e cabelo, todos com infusão de óleo de argan nutritivo, rico em antioxidantes, assinatura da marca. Dedicada a fornecer produtos de cabelo e corpo da mais alta qualidade, a Moroccan Oil se tornou uma marca de beleza icônica em menos de uma década. ”

Smoothing and Anti-Frizz

Natural Hair, Goodbye Frizz!

Say goodbye to the hassle, be it when it's raining, getting sweaty, or when it's scorching hot. Sometimes, weather influences leave us with unruly, dull, and coarse hair. It's time to stop and adopt the right natural solutions.

Frizz, but why?

It all depends on the conditions of the hair cuticle, the scales that cover and protect it. If they are tightly closed, smooth and shiny hair is the result—soft and well-defined. This is the case for well-hydrated hair. On the other hand, if the scales lift, we end up with rough, dull, and frizzy hair.

The scales tend to lift more if the hair is dehydrated. Worse if the air is humid because, in that case, the hair attracts water from the air, which raises the scale. Unfortunately, thick, curly, and porous hair is most affected.

On the other hand, hot air in summer can drain the internal hydration of the hair, also promoting frizz and static electricity.

So what to do?

Natural Anti-Frizz Solutions

1. Avoid dehydration
Wear and tear are caused by repeated friction (clothes, pillowcases, hats, etc.), assaults (thermal, mechanical, etc.), and premature styling, all promoting frizz. Other culprits: harsh shampoos and other aggressive products. It's better to space them out as much as possible, choose gentle ones, or wash your hair with one of the many existing natural alternatives. Be gentle when drying! Don't rub your hair with a towel and prefer microfiber or bamboo towels. Limit the use of heating devices (hairdryer, straightener, flat iron) as much as possible, and if you really want to use them: minimum temperature. All these actions open the hair scales, the water they contain evaporates, and the air's moisture penetrates more easily, causing frizz.

2. Hydrate (and seal!)
The goal is to smooth and seal the hair scales to create an external and internal barrier, better controlling moisture flows.

Start by making sure to hydrate your hair enough by drinking plenty of water, as well as through your diet and the care you provide. In particular, I advise you to use a very hydrating natural mask frequently and apply conditioner if needed.

To properly maintain the hydration of the hair fiber and prevent frizz formation, apply daily, if necessary, occlusive agents that coat the hair and form a protective and waterproof film. For this, a few drops of vegetable oil on your lengths and ends! Think of organic argan oil, excellent for smoothing and disciplining the hair.

3. Hydrating Ingredients ... but not Humectants!
Any cosmetic ingredient that maintains water content is a humectant. This includes glycerin, honey, agave syrup, aloe vera gel, and many other chemical ingredients that may not necessarily be good for our bathrooms. The problem is that, in very humid weather, a humectant attracts too much moisture to the hair. On the contrary, in dry and hot weather, it absorbs all the water from the hair and dehydrates it. The result is not good.
In general, and this is good news, the negative effect of humectants is limited by one or more occlusive ingredients. For frizz, in principle, if you apply a little aloe vera gel with a few drops of vegetable oil. As a precaution, on rainy days or during significant heatwaves, avoid hair products based on humectants!

Hair finishers

The Different Types of Hair Finishers: The Importance of Using Them

The Different Types of Hair Finishers: The Importance of Using Them

When it comes to hair care, we often think of shampoos, conditioners, and masks. However, hair finishers play an essential role in achieving beautiful and healthy hairstyles. In this article, we will explore the different types of finishers available and highlight the importance of using them to achieve incredible results for your hair.

1. Fixing Spray:

The fixing spray is one of the most common and popular hair finishers. It is used to keep the hairstyle in place, providing hold and durability. The fixing spray is especially useful for special events or for those who want to keep their hair tidy all day. Additionally, some fixing sprays contain ingredients that protect the hair from heat damage.

2. Hair Serum:

Hair serums are finishers that offer a range of benefits. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, they help moisturize and smooth the hair, reducing frizz. The serum also helps protect the hair from heat and UV damage. It can be applied to wet or dry hair, providing a shiny and silky finish.

3. Hair Oil:

Hair oil is a versatile finisher that offers intense hydration and restores hair health. It helps nourish the strands, preventing breakage, dryness, and split ends. Hair oil also provides shine, smoothness, and facilitates detangling. Moreover, many hair oils have reparative and protective properties, making them ideal for damaged or chemically treated hair.

4. Mousse:

Mousse is a foam-form finisher that provides volume and texture to the hair. It is applied to damp hair before drying, helping create hairstyles with more body and movement. Mousse also provides light hold, facilitates styling, and reduces frizz. It's a great option for those looking to add volume and definition to fine or lifeless hair.

5. Wax or Pomade:

Hair waxes or pomades are finishers that provide control, definition, and texture to the hair. They are especially useful for shaping hairstyles, creating casual styles, or controlling unruly strands. Wax or pomade is applied to the tips or along the hair, allowing flexible and long-lasting hold. Additionally, many of them also help protect the hair from humidity and provide shine.

The Importance of Using Hair Finishers

1. Protection Against Damage: Many hair finishers contain protective ingredients that help minimize damage from heat, UV rays, and other environmental elements. They form a protective layer around the strands, preventing them from becoming damaged and brittle. By using finishers, you are essentially creating a protective barrier for your hair.

2. Frizz Control: Frizz is a common issue that affects many hair types. Finishers can be an effective solution for controlling frizz and keeping the hair disciplined. They help smooth the hair cuticle, reducing static electricity and flyaways. With regular use of suitable finishers, you can enjoy smoother, healthier-looking hair free from dreaded frizz.

3. Long-Lasting Style: If you want your hairstyle to last all day, finishers are your allies. They provide hold and support, helping to keep the hairstyle in place for a longer time. Whether it's a sleek and elegant look, defined curls, or a textured style, the right finishers help ensure your hairstyle stays intact, even during everyday activities.

4. Adds Volume and Texture: For those looking to add volume and texture to the hair, finishers are an indispensable option. Mousse, texturizing spray, and pomades are great for creating hairstyles with more body and movement. They help bring life to fine or volume-less hair, providing a fuller and voluminous appearance.

5. Expression of Personal Style: Hair finishers allow you to express your personality and unique style. With a wide variety of products available, you can choose those that best suit your style preferences. Whether it's a more polished and refined look or a relaxed and casual style, finishers enable you to experiment and create hairstyles according to your taste.


Hair finishers play an essential role in creating beautiful and healthy hairstyles. They offer a range of benefits, from protection against damage to frizz control, long-lasting style, volume, and expression of personal style. By using suitable finishers for your hair type, you can transform your look and enjoy professionally styled hair. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of hair finishers and incorporate them into your hair care routine for impressive results.


Tips for Maintaining the Health, Shine, and Life of Your Hair

1. Hair Care Basics:

Start with regular washing, cutting, and hydration. Choose products tailored to your hair type – be it dry, brittle, or color-treated. Understanding your hair type is crucial for effective treatment.

2. Hydrating Mask:

After washing at least twice a week, apply a hydrating mask to restore moisture. Adjust frequency based on your hair's needs, reducing to once a week after achieving optimal hydration.

3. Gentle Detangling:

Avoid detangling wet hair to prevent breakage. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently work through tangles.

4. Heat Protection:

Apply a generous amount of heat protectant spray before drying your hair with a dryer. Keep the dryer 25/30 cm away and use it daily without causing damage.

5. Styling Products:

Choose styling products that suit your desired look. Additional support is essential for achieving your styling goals.

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