American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover

Shampoo de uso diário para eliminar resíduos em todo o tipo de cabelo masculino

Equilibra o cabelo e remove suavemente os resíduos dos produtos de styling aplicados durante o dia.

Modo de uso: Molhar bem o cabelo; Massajar uma pequena quantidade de produto sobre o cabelo e o couro cabeludo. Enxaguar bem.

American Crew é mais do que uma marca ou um fornecedor profissional. É líder na história do cuidado e aparência masculina. É a marca líder de salões criados exclusivamente para os homens e para atender as necessidades dos cuidados capilares. Hoje American Crew continua o seu compromisso e é uma das empresas mais inovadoras do mundo.

Por quase vinte anos, a American Crew tem sido a marca de cuidados masculinos mais procurada no mundo. Os homens e seus estilistas confiaram em nós para obter os melhores e mais recentes produtos para cabelos, corpo, barbear e estilo.
Pioneiros em todo o mundo nas últimas tendencias dos visuais e com os produtos mais inovadores criados exclusivamente para homens. American Crew nunca se esqueça que o seu trabalho é oferecer aos homens e cabeleiros, ferramentas para criar "look" masculino elegante diariamente.

Estaremos sempre lançando novos produtos, novas coleções e novas maneiras de criar seus negócios, o que dificulta saber onde estaremos em seguida. Mas há uma coisa com a qual você pode contar. Onde há homem, há equipe.

For Men's

Choosing the Right Shampoo for Men: A Comprehensive Guide

Men also want to look sharp and take care of themselves. One of the biggest concerns for men is going bald. If you have dandruff, it's time to choose the right shampoo. With an increasing variety of men's shampoos on the market, making a choice can be challenging.

You need to know what type of hair you have: oily, dry, damaged. Are you losing your hair? Do you have dandruff? There are many shampoos available that cater to your specific hair type. You can assess it on your own or seek guidance from your hairstylist. Nowadays, a man who takes care of his body, is concerned about his appearance, maintains his virility, elegance, and claims a certain quality of life.

Why Take a Closer Look at Men's Shampoos?

Some men tend to neglect their personal hygiene, especially their hair. Others wash their hair every day without knowing if the shampoos are good and beneficial for their hair and scalp.

10 Reasons to Examine Men's Shampoos More Closely:

  1. There are differences between shampoos for men and women.
  2. Our hair and scalp need to be cleaned and moisturized regularly.
  3. There is a wide variety of men's shampoos because we all have different hair types (texture, density, colors, etc.).
  4. Hair hygiene is crucial to maintain its health.
  5. Oily and dirty hair is not fashionable.
  6. Men's shampoos allow you to have healthy hair.
  7. Shampoo plays a significant role in a man's elegance score (hair quality, scents, manageability, etc.).
  8. Without shampoo, the scalp quickly gets dirty, promoting bacteria and other head invaders (lice, nits).
  9. It is not recommended to wash hair only with body shower gel.
  10. Marseille soap is also not recommended for cleaning hair.

So, you need a men's shampoo that suits your hair and scalp!

Choose Your Shampoo According to Your Needs

Fashionable men choose and buy their beauty products. This starts with choosing the right shampoo for men and other hair products for men. No more using your wife's or kids' shampoo. The fashionable man understands that he needs the right products.

This male awareness is accompanied by learning that leads to a better understanding of his body and, more specifically, his hair. This is how the fashionable man knows how to choose the products that suit him best.

How to Choose the Right Shampoo for Men?

This is a big question. It's true that there is a wide variety of men's shampoos in the supermarket. You need help, a guide to choosing shampoo. Here are some important criteria that will help you make the right choice. First of all, you should assess your hair to be able to choose your shampoo.

What Types of Shampoos for Men?

  • Anti-dandruff shampoo for men: Dandruff is caused by having an oily scalp and can lead to hair loss. Therefore, you need to clean the scalp so that it does not suffocate the hair.
  • Shampoo to combat hair loss
  • Special shampoo for silver, gray, and white hair
  • Shampoo that covers gray hair: This shampoo is for men who want to restore the color of their hair. Gradually, the hair regains its shine and color.
  • Liquid shampoo or dry shampoo for men: Dry shampoo for men is increasingly used. Very useful to wash hair without water quickly between two washes with regular shampoo.
  • 2-in-1 shampoo: A 2-in-1 shampoo eliminates the need for male conditioner (useful for nourishing hair and scalp). But it would be interesting to put masks on from time to time to protect the hair so that it does not fall prematurely. Massage, do not rub.

Buy the Right Men's Shampoo to See Results.

Precautions to take when it comes to shampoo for men: Be careful, if your hair is damaged, just washing it with a good shampoo does not mean you will see results quickly. On the contrary, washing your hair too much is not a good idea. Depending on your daily activity, your job, for example, you should adapt the frequency of washing your hair with shampoo. 2, 3, 4 times a week: it depends on you! It is also important to pay attention to the ingredients in the shampoo bottle you buy. Make sure there is nothing harmful to you and your hair.

Can you use your girlfriend's shampoo? It is not a good idea to use your girlfriend's shampoo because the characteristics of the hair are different.

Know your hair type to better choose your shampoo: Oily, dry, combination, or normal hair? Damaged, dull and split hair, thin or thick hair? Healthy, tired, or sick scalp? Know your specific hair type to choose the right products? Ideally, you should consult a specialist, your hairdresser, for example. Accustomed to working with all hair types all day long, he will clearly define your hair type. After a hair diagnosis, he can direct you to the best care and natural products to use regularly for beautiful hair.

Choose your shampoo: After your hair has been analyzed and diagnosed, all you have to do is buy the right shampoo. In front of a shelf full of hundreds of references to shampoos, it is often a stressful moment for men. Hence the interest of the previous step, knowing your hair type to find the right shelf, and then you will make your choice quickly.


7 Criteria for Choosing Your Shampoo

7 Criteria for Choosing Your Shampoo

Washing is an important step for the beauty and health of your hair. The issue of shampoo, a product to choose carefully, and not just for its pleasant scent.

1. Do not Damage the Hair

New-generation shampoos primarily eliminate sulfates, these chemical cleansers. Others use mild sulfates. Therefore, it's preferable to choose a shampoo with non-aggressive surfactants, avoiding sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate, the most aggressive in this family. "Formulas are evolving," specifies Denise Guillouet of L'Oréal Professionnel. Sulfates have been replaced by milder surfactants derived from coconut. They have good cleansing power without causing irritation, suitable for all healthy scalp conditions, including colored or straightened hair. Some products are also formulated with micelles (like makeup removers), which come together to remove dirt and sebum. Wash gently.

2. Wash Your Hair Every Day

Nothing hinders, as long as you choose a mild shampoo. That is, with very scalp-friendly cleaning agents. "One application is sufficient and with little product," adds Catherine Chauvin. If the scalp is oily, use a specific shampoo to maintain volume longer. Or, in a natural version, choose a neutral shampoo (very mild base) to which a few drops of tea tree essential oil are added. First test on the elbow bend to see if there is no reaction.

3. Beautify Long Hair

"It is not necessarily a good idea to choose your shampoo according to the length because it is not what will cure them," explains Denise Guillouet. Unless, if you have no scalp problems, in that case, we can choose a more specific shampoo for lengths. "In any case, it is not necessary to knead them as if you were washing clothes!" continues Catherine Chauvin, from René Furterer. This damages the hair and opens its scales. The foam flowing along the locks is enough to wash them. It is the care they need. Therefore, after washing, the application of a good conditioner or mask is essential, especially if the hair is long. This product will restore softness and detangle the hair fiber.

4. Cleanse and Treat the Scalp

The first role of shampoo is to wash the scalp! It seems obvious, but, as Charline Roussé of Biocoiff says, "you must choose according to the condition of the scalp, not the hair!". However, often, continues the organic hair specialist, the shampoo used does not meet the real needs of the scalp. "In the case of a scalp problem, the shampoo must treat the roots. For example, we will use a shampoo that regulates sebum or soothes (in case of irritation) once or twice a week, alternating with a mild shampoo," adds Catherine Chauvin. Hence the importance of having a good diagnosis: as it is difficult to see your scalp, you can ask your hairdresser, during a cut or a color, to give us information about the state of our scalp. We will know if it needs to be moisturized, nourished, purified, or simply gently washed. And we will avoid excessive irritation or seborrhea because the shampoo used is not suitable.

5. Use Natural Ingredients

Be it natural, based on plant extracts (shea, aloe vera, nettle) or labeled as organic, these shampoos are suitable for everyone. They effectively wash with plant-based surfactants, which are gentle and respectful like coconut betaine and SLSA (sodium lauryl sulfoacetate). By choosing this type of shampoo, you are sure to have a product that respects both the scalp and the hair and does not cover the lengths with an occlusive film. "But organic shampoos, for example, are not necessarily '100% vegetable' because labels allow a little chemistry," says Charline Roussé. To know what is in your shampoo, you must read the labels carefully, especially if you want a truly natural shampoo! These products leave the hair clean and soft, usually shiny, but also a bit dry and rough. A conditioner, applied shortly after, will be responsible for restoring the softness of the lengths.

6. Avoid Products that Produce Too Much Foam

"The more it foams, the more it attacks the scalp," says Nina Roos, a dermatologist. "A real mild shampoo should foam less: this low foaming power proves a low level of surfactants. Foam is a waste!" continues David Baco of Furterer. Moreover, little foam is less shampoo and less water to eliminate it. "This also allows better tolerance of the product," adds the formulator. Also, the claim of 'biodegradable formula' on the bottle is a real advantage to consider in the choice.

7. Do Not Suffocate Long Hair

Opt for a shampoo without silicone. These widely used molecules soften and coat the hair fiber. What can be an asset for rebellious, dry, or difficult-to-comb hair. But in the long run, as they do not eliminate or hardly eliminate, silicones end up suffocating the hair, which is losing strength. "The only active ingredients that protect the hair from moisture and, therefore, frizz, these silicones are eliminated better than before," explains Denise Guillouet. But above all, they are replaced by other molecules, polymers that smooth the scales. For David Baco, "silicones are still widely used for their coating properties, but they are not very 'environmentally friendly'. In other words, they are not biodegradable and are found in wastewater. Therefore, they should be avoided as much as possible.


Tips for Maintaining the Health, Shine, and Life of Your Hair

1. Hair Care Basics:

Start with regular washing, cutting, and hydration. Choose products tailored to your hair type – be it dry, brittle, or color-treated. Understanding your hair type is crucial for effective treatment.

2. Hydrating Mask:

After washing at least twice a week, apply a hydrating mask to restore moisture. Adjust frequency based on your hair's needs, reducing to once a week after achieving optimal hydration.

3. Gentle Detangling:

Avoid detangling wet hair to prevent breakage. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently work through tangles.

4. Heat Protection:

Apply a generous amount of heat protectant spray before drying your hair with a dryer. Keep the dryer 25/30 cm away and use it daily without causing damage.

5. Styling Products:

Choose styling products that suit your desired look. Additional support is essential for achieving your styling goals.

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