Molton Brown Repairing Conditioner With Fennel

Nascido em South Molton Street, Londres, em 1971, Molton Brown é um ícone duradouro do estilo exclusivamente britânico.

Trabalhando lado a lado com um coletivo de perfumistas progressivos, eles nutrem sua liberdade artística para compor intrigantes Eau de Parfum e Eau de Toilette, coleções icônicas para banho e corpo, cabelo e casa. Eles sempre foram e sempre serão Made in England; eles criam de forma sustentável experiências sensoriais originais da mais alta qualidade para aprimorar sua individualidade.

A Molton Brown orgulha-se de possuir uma autorização real para o fornecimento de produtos de higiene pessoal por indicação de Sua Majestade a Rainha Elizabeth II.

Nascido nos anos 70, Molton Brown encarna a liberdade criativa e inconformista. Eles veem as coisas de maneira diferente através de uma lente icônica da vida para proporcionar momentos sensoriais inesperados e poderosos.

Para criar fragrâncias únicas, a Molton Brown trabalha lado a lado com perfumistas visionários de várias idades, origens e experiências. Do mestre perfumista Jacques Chabert e sua filha, a famosa perfumista sênior Carla Chabert, a estrelas em ascensão da nova geração como Jérôme Di Marino, esses criadores audaciosos estão unidos por uma visão fundadora: oferecer fragrâncias inesperadas com um toque pessoal.

Todas as fragrâncias são criadas sem um resumo de marketing, painel de teste ou restrições demográficas. Apenas o vínculo humano tecido entre o perfumista e o usuário persiste.

Damaged Hair

How to Choose the Best Restorative Conditioner for Your Hair Type?

Don't know which is the best repairing conditioner? We'll help you! Use our guide to find the most suitable restorative conditioner for your hair type.

Which Conditioner is Most Suitable for Your Hair Type?

Restorative conditioners work wonders, and everyone can incorporate them into their hair care routine. Unlike the regular conditioner you use daily in the shower, restorative conditioners moisturize and repair your hair, adding a dose of hydration long after application. To make the most of the best restorative conditioners, you can choose one that caters to your hair's personalized needs.

Do I really need to use a restorative conditioner on my hair?

Some people wonder if it's worth using a hair restoring balm. After all, if you already condition your hair during daily washing, do you need to add another step to the mix? When it comes to restorative conditioners, absolutely!

Your regular conditioner is ideal for showers and regular hair washes. It enhances the appearance of your hair by providing a quick dose of hydration, softness, and detangling factor. However, regular conditioners don't continue to work long after the shower.

How to Choose the Best Restorative Conditioner for My Hair Type?

There is a wide range of restorative conditioners because different formulas are designed to meet specific hair types and needs. Just like any other hair care product available in stores or salons, there's a wide variety of hair repair conditioners. Understanding the ingredients in certain formulas can help you determine which restorative conditioners will work best for your hair.
If you have very fine hair, the idea of a repairing balm might be a bit daunting. Is it worth adding another conditioning treatment to hair that's already easily oily? Absolutely! Look for a repairing conditioner known for its lightness; it will provide great hydration to the hair, which can reduce natural sebum production as well as grease, leaving the hair soft and silky. For dry or damaged hair, consider using repairing conditioners that are highly moisturizing and reparative. Thick and creamy formulas, rich in oils like yuzu, coconut, avocado, and almond, can work wonders for dry, dull, and damaged hair. These types of restorative conditioners are ideal for restoring hair's shine before damage, as the high oil concentration can penetrate deep into damaged hair, settle on the strands, and create lasting restoration.
Restorative conditioners are designed to continue moisturizing and repairing the hair long after application. Often, incorporating conditioner into your hair care routine can help repair damage caused by hot tools, make hair healthier, and increase its strength over time. Think of a restorative conditioner as routine maintenance for your hair; it's not a product you'll use every day, but its regular use can serve as a "check-up" for your hair's health and appearance.

If your hair is over-treated with treatments, hairstyles, or dyes, choose a restorative conditioner that contains keratin and ceramides. These ingredients can immediately start strengthening and repairing extremely damaged hair to improve its texture and appearance, bringing it back to its pre-damaged condition.

For natural hair, consider opting for a restorative conditioner formula that specifically mentions ultra-moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil. These formulas are designed to penetrate deep into the hair, leaving a lasting effect that makes styling easier and feels smoother to the touch, especially when combined with a shampoo for curly hair.

Another good option for those who prefer natural hair is a restorative conditioner formula with ingredients that are receptive to the hot shower steam. Among these ingredients is mint, which, combined with the hot steam, allows the hair to "breathe," making it easier for oils and other moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deeply.

How to Get the Most Out of My New Restorative Conditioner?

For maximum effectiveness, always use your restorative conditioner according to the label instructions. Application techniques, duration of use (or non-use if the formula is left in), and other instructions vary from label to label. Following the specific instructions of your restorative conditioner will ensure you get the most benefit from the product.

Consistency is also essential when trying a new conditioner. By following the instructions on your conditioner's label, don't forget to use the product at the suggested frequency to get the maximum benefit.


What is a Hair Conditioner and What Is Its Purpose?

A hair conditioner is a hair treatment often overlooked. However, it forms a perfect duo with shampoo and completes its action. After cleansing, the conditioner detangles and softens the hair. But to achieve an ideal result, it's important to choose the right conditioner. Here are some excellent tips to make the right choice.
The conditioner has its place in hair care routine. It has a 3-in-1 action that complements hair cleansing with shampoo: it hydrates, eliminates knots, and softens the hair. So many reasons that make it an interesting ally for use once or twice a week. But to be truly effective, you still need to choose your conditioner carefully.  

How to Choose Your Conditioner?

Like shampoo or any other hair treatment, the conditioner should be chosen according to your hair type. In fact, if it doesn't meet your hair's needs, it can even cause the opposite of the desired result. Especially because conditioner can quickly lead to oily hair.

What Conditioner for Dry Hair?

Dry and/or damaged hair is most affected by the use of a conditioner. If you have fine and brittle hair, the conditioner will rehydrate the hair fiber, making the hair less thick. Conditioner is, therefore, an ideal ally for this hair type! Opt for a repairing treatment or intense hydration that you will use 1 to 2 times a week, after your regular shampoo. If your hair is very dry, complete your treatment with a nourishing mask once a week.

What Conditioner for Oily Hair?

Oily hair should be cautious with conditioner. In fact, the latter tends to make the roots greasier. Instead of choosing a moisturizing conditioner, use a volume or balance conditioner. Also, avoid applying conditioner to the roots. Apply your conditioner once a week, no more.

What Conditioner for Normal Hair?

If you're lucky enough to have normal hair, conditioner will simply remove any remaining knots and add shine. Use a conditioner that provides volume or balances sebum production. The goal is to detangle the hair without overloading it or making it oily. Thanks to the conditioner, normal hair will look even more beautiful. Applying conditioner 1 to 2 times a week is sufficient.

Regardless of your hair type, try to choose a natural and/or organic conditioner to avoid harming the scalp or damaging the hair. Preferably, avoid hair products containing sulfates or silicones. These chemicals dry the hair more than they hydrate it. It's best to opt for an organic conditioner labeled by the Ecocert organization, which prohibits the use of sulfates and silicones.


Tips for Maintaining the Health, Shine, and Life of Your Hair

1. Hair Care Basics:

Start with regular washing, cutting, and hydration. Choose products tailored to your hair type – be it dry, brittle, or color-treated. Understanding your hair type is crucial for effective treatment.

2. Hydrating Mask:

After washing at least twice a week, apply a hydrating mask to restore moisture. Adjust frequency based on your hair's needs, reducing to once a week after achieving optimal hydration.

3. Gentle Detangling:

Avoid detangling wet hair to prevent breakage. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently work through tangles.

4. Heat Protection:

Apply a generous amount of heat protectant spray before drying your hair with a dryer. Keep the dryer 25/30 cm away and use it daily without causing damage.

5. Styling Products:

Choose styling products that suit your desired look. Additional support is essential for achieving your styling goals.

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